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Delayed flight, uncomfortable seats, food (sandwich) was mediocre

اقرأ المزيد حول فلاي دبي

Delayed flight, uncomfortable seats, food (sandwich) was mediocre

ايجابيات: "Nothing to be specific"
سلبيات: "Things need to be improved 1. Boarding 2. Flight delayed for 40mins 3. Seat comfort is not good"
ايجابيات: "Crew, food and seat were all perfect."
سلبيات: "The plane was very very cold."
ايجابيات: "I don’t know but plan looks a little bit big we had it more room. Crew was very nice even they can’t speak urdu Pakistani. But over all it was good. Thanks"
سلبيات: "If you can try to hire atleast 1 bilingual person who can speak their local languages, like urdu pakistani hindi or any other language."
ايجابيات: "Airport"
سلبيات: "Reduce the fare"
سلبيات: "My flght shouldn't have been rescheduled.... M facing lot of problems"
ايجابيات: "the flight was pleasant and the airport terminal was empty. Pure joy."
ايجابيات: "I did not realize the flight was a Fly Dubai plane until I got to the airport. I intentionally bought Emirates Airline ticket so that I did not have to go Fly Dubai. Fly Dubai just plain sucks."
سلبيات: "Make it clear this is a Fly Dubai flight and not Emirates. I feel deceived and cheated."
ايجابيات: "Disappointed"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "One of the worst flight experience I have had. both website and boarding pass say go to terminal 2 but flight is actually from terminal 3.no offer of assistance, no offer of how to get to terminal 3 . Rude ground staff with zero ability to manage the complaint process."
سلبيات: "Flydibai changed the flight hours. The new layover in Dubai was 11 hours instead of 4. They refused to provide free hotel. It was disappointing."
سلبيات: "Many people on board were watching video without headphones. It was very annoying and hard to sleep."
ايجابيات: "Nice plane"
سلبيات: "Had to pay for entertainment"
ايجابيات: "Perfect crew"
سلبيات: "Flight not in time and as its operated by fly dubai we are only allowed for one water otherwise you should pay"
ايجابيات: "I tried to rebook the flight but it did not go through . I’ve booked a new ticket insted so kindly advice the process of refund."
ايجابيات: "Crew was very friendly and accommodating."
سلبيات: "No meals. No entertainment. Poor bording from front and back at same time caused chaos. Airport crowded and dirty."
ايجابيات: "Quick service"
سلبيات: "Small plane, uncomfortable seats, bad food"
سلبيات: "Entertainment"
ايجابيات: "I liked the seats which were good"
سلبيات: "The thing which was not good was food, no pillows and flight was not on time."
ايجابيات: "Because I booked my flights by emirates then I found my flight on flay Dubai !!"
سلبيات: "Use the logo for partners in the booking page"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Everything. I booked a flight Prague to Dubai and return with Emirates and flew Prague to Dubai on a very nice Emirates A380 800, nice seats, nice "free" food and drink profesional crew. Return was coad shared on cheap FlyDubai, bad seats, kept hitting my knees on the seat in front had to buy drinks and snacks. If I wanted a cheap airline I would have booked it. I will make sure when booking an Emirates flight if it is code shared with Flydubai I will look for another flight."
ايجابيات: "Everything was great"
سلبيات: "The flight delayed for 1:40 minuets. The staff changed my seat wich I choosed when I booked."
سلبيات: "The travel agent I selected completely ruined my whole experience."
ايجابيات: "The plane took off and landed on time."
سلبيات: "Boarding was chaotic and poorly organized. Seats are cramped and uncomfortable. The entertainment system screens did not work. Other passengers were pushy and disrespectful."
ايجابيات: "We did not crash."
سلبيات: "Seats, no leg room. Everything cost money, from a bottle of water to the entertainment."
ايجابيات: "Everything but"
سلبيات: "Nothing except comfortable pillow to rest your neck is needed"
ايجابيات: "Plane was under half full"
سلبيات: "Boarded on time but sat on the ground over an hour with delay. Food not an option, no water"
ايجابيات: "I didn't find anything to like"
سلبيات: "Every thing is bad and I'll give you the details : 1- the plane is really small and with a full smelly passengers. 2-the seats are really bad and you can literary remove the cushion. under you. 3-bad crowd management from the crew. 4- a half hour delay. 5-a bad takeoff and a really painful landing. 6-they tried to move me because of a family. 7- the AC does not work fully. 8- the food is extremely bad and hard to eat & chew. 9- the luggage took a long time but to be fair that's not their fault. And the list goes on and on and on. I highly recommend to take a different airline."
ايجابيات: "Average flight and service."
سلبيات: "Unfortunate that my FlyDubai checked in luggage from Skopje to Dubai was not transferred onto my connecting Qantas flight. I will be disappointing if not recovered."
ايجابيات: "relatively clean"
سلبيات: "I was NOT impressed with this airline. I have never been on a transcontinental flight that did not provide on board entertainment or food. I thought the absence of both was ridiculous. Plus I went to try to read the news option- which was actually free and the papers were from 2014!!!! WTH?!There is no room to put everything- no pouch in the seat ahead of you so nowhere to put the food or drink that you have to bring on board or any of your travel things. I have no idea why. The FlyDubai terminal in Dubai is also quite lacking- I felt like I was trapped in crappy restaurant. I'm not certain that I will ever use use this airline again- not impressed."
ايجابيات: "The pilot did his best to save me time but in vain. Plane was not as contested , more leg room. Good planes."
سلبيات: "No refreshments. No television."
ايجابيات: "though we were delayed and had to change the flight r luggage arrived with us"
سلبيات: "we were trapped on board without ac while still on airport ground without any announcement what was going on after about 45 min. they announced that the ac was not working and they r trying to fix it; still doors locked afterwords they announced that we will be taking another plane 2 hours which made the total delay around 3 hours"
ايجابيات: "We are arived safe"
سلبيات: "The attitude of the crew it was bad and the comportment very ignorant"
سلبيات: "I prefer to have all misc costs incorporated into the ticket, the nickel and dime adds is aggravating."
سلبيات: "They have charged a fortune from me to carry my regular luggage . They said I could have purchased the luggage ticket as well . this is I'm hearing for the first time ."
ايجابيات: "offers transit areas"
سلبيات: "not comfortable ..time-chairs. 1- chairs- hard and tight . 2- time-late always. not on the time like we are comming in 2 houers before debarture and waiting 2 or 3 houers more gust to inter the air plain.and take off.exp time to flay 1 .writen in the ticket take of effectlvely at 2 or 3 .this is haben to me in the last time i flay with this air line. 3- entrance suddenly changed. exp wrtin 11 in the ticket chang to 3 in the air port. and this openion for most people who tray flay d. thanks for your attention."
سلبيات: "No food or entertainment."
سلبيات: "The staff was extremely rude and held up the boarding of the flight by shuffling passengers around for an extended period of time. check in for the flight took over two hours and there were less than 15 people ahead of me. Won't ever fly with flydubai again."
ايجابيات: "On Time Arrival although we experienced a late departure"
سلبيات: "Passive agressive crew Entertainment system did not work and the screens do not turn off which made sleep impossible and the glare was a great discomfort when the lights dimmed."
ايجابيات: "see above"
سلبيات: "see above"
ايجابيات: "Amazing service and crew"
سلبيات: "I had to rebook my flight from DXB to Jed because some international regional issues that were supposed to be cleared for the customs"
ايجابيات: "Nothing at all"
سلبيات: "No food or beverages. So tight airplane"
ايجابيات: "Inexpensive, but you get what you pay for."
سلبيات: "Seats are almost laughably small, both in pitch and width. The plane was very hot during boarding as they use both doors and the wind blows through the entire cabin."
ايجابيات: "The flight, crew members, pilots were amazing. Take off and landing couldn't be any smoother."
سلبيات: "This is second time I land in zone B, terminals F. The worst terminals and airport treatment by the staff ever. You can never get a complete answer or help, staff most don't care about your concern. No help can be assisted in any way possible. Few of the staff are professionals and know what their job is, others not at all. Bathrooms are disgusting, I have 12 hour layover, to sit in a lounge I need to pay 120$ , just to sit on a proper chair. In short you have money they welcome you, you don't , too bad find your way they don't care. Very over rated airport. Should be considered one of the worst, or maybe this terminal is made for unnecessary people, when their entrance phrase clearly states Dubai connecting the world. Connecting nothing. Simple money transfer isn't available, in case of emergency you need money, too bad sit yourself down and do nothing. Once again very over rated, and I will publish my review in all travel guides."
ايجابيات: "The staff was very helpful."
سلبيات: "It's a pay for what you get kind of airline, but that is to be expected. Overall good."
ايجابيات: "Cheap flight"
سلبيات: "Very uncomfortable"
ايجابيات: "The flight from Kuwait to Dubai was great. On time and well organized."
سلبيات: "As a frequent traveller I understand that delays are just part of air travel. However, my flight from Dubai to Kuwait on Fly Dubai demonstrated just how disorganized and bungled an airline can truly be. The aircrew and staff did their best under incredibly stressful circumstances and were incredibly professional. However, I have never seen logistics messed up so badly. It would be one thing to cancel and reschedule a flight for later in the day but to leave people stranded for 4 hours on the Tarmac, to take them off the plane and go back through screening to wait again at the same gate with no answers or announcements is just horrible mismanagement. My flight left 8 hours after its scheduled departure but the only updates we got were "15 more minutes", "20 more minutes", etc. while we queued up for HOURS. In the future, I'll pay the extra money to never fly with them again."
ايجابيات: "really can not think of one good thing that i liked, i really don't!"
سلبيات: "due to weather conditions, flight delayed and this information was not shared by Flydubai crew (wherever they are?). This is the 2nd time that delay happened and airline failed to manage the passenger at boarding gate or airport screens. people were shouting and looking for one person to communicate with, but there was no one to talk to. So - bad management - no hot drinks onboard the flight - lake of ethics - terminal at dubai airport was crowded and lake of services and seates to stay on!"

Not recommended at all

ألغيت الرحلة دون أن يعلمنا أحد، حتى موظف الطيران المدني في المبنى ما كان يدري حتى سأل. The flight has been canceled and they didn't inform us before, also the civil aviation employee in the terminal wasn't known until he asked.

The flight is delayed more than 3 and half hours, we were on the gate but no body told us about the delay and there wasn't a screen right there to shows us the delay, the staff came late also for boarding. We were lost 😕

Flyadeal was nice surprise. It was excellent airline affordable 👍 big thumb up . I wish you more success

I am really appreciate your help

Boarding staff is changing passenger locations regardless of the money you pay during reservation. They do not respect women and specially when pregnant. Very bad airlines and bad staff. It will be on my blacklist onwards!!

They took our bags at the door of the plane stating that the cabin was full. Then we waited over 39 min for getting the bags from baggage claim. Flight was late This is usual for flyadeal . Very bad experience again

Thank goodness

ايجابيات: "Nothing was good to like"
سلبيات: "The boarding experience was the worst ... we did board from a different gate than on screens and through busses The previous flight was canceled so they board the the passengers of that flight with us with no respect to the rules of the government of social distance with passengers from boarding to seating all passengers next to each other"
ايجابيات: "I do like comfortable seat and crew services"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "The flight attendant was so disrespectful to women with her kids , they should hire people with good attitude."
ايجابيات: "I went good discount"
سلبيات: "Good price"
ايجابيات: "The crew was good"
سلبيات: "More comfortable sets"
سلبيات: "Aircraft not on time. Aircraft outside dirty. Announcements in English barely understandable. Aircraft noisy. Wet lease from Vueling Spain"
ايجابيات: "Smooth takeoff and landing. Clean board."
سلبيات: "N/A."
سلبيات: "Seats"
ايجابيات: "Waste your money"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Not delay the flight for 6 hours"
ايجابيات: "The crew should be more helpful especially one female hostess ? Morocon was very incooperative not helping the passenger to left her bag and was rude."
سلبيات: "The one in the boarding in Riyadh refused to give us 2 seats near each other claiming that the plan is complete However the one in Jeddah was very cooperative and gave as 2 near seats. Jeddah crew is better"
ايجابيات: "Departed and arrived on time."
سلبيات: "I took the exact same flight twice; both times passengers were taken to the basement to the farthest gate at the airport for boarding. And then, we took a bus around the airport ground to the airplane which was too far from terminals."

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