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Gulf Airدرجة التقييم الإجمالية بناءً على 876 من التقييمات
7.7الصعود إلى الطائرة
7.2وسائل الترفيه
تقييمات شركات الطيران

This itineray had to be cancelled as the connection time in Paris was only 55 min which is below the 90 min required by Paris airport. Nether Chat deal/Kayak, nor Gulf air nor American Air picked on that. I called American Air for unrelated question was then told that boarding would be denied due to the short connection time. This should have been an automatic notification from Chat deal/ Kayak or Gulf air and itinery cancelled. What is the point of inconveniencing the passenger?? The return has still not be refunded. Shame on Gulf Air, very poor customer service for an airline that has so good flight crew!

اقرأ المزيد حول Gulf Air

This itineray had to be cancelled as the connection time in Paris was only 55 min which is below the 90 min required by Paris airport. Nether Chat deal/Kayak, nor Gulf air nor American Air picked on that. I called American Air for unrelated question was then told that boarding would be denied due to the short connection time. This should have been an automatic notification from Chat deal/ Kayak or Gulf air and itinery cancelled. What is the point of inconveniencing the passenger?? The return has still not be refunded. Shame on Gulf Air, very poor customer service for an airline that has so good flight crew!

all good. crew wasnt attentive to the announcements they were making about the flight. made several mistakes at several tines while announcing destination, arrival time. first officer made this mistake too.

New aircraft, new and modern. Crew could be a little more smiling.

Greeting BH International Airport, Flight No. GF-2101 From Bahrain to Dammam At 1:35 am. to 2:20 am. Booking reference: WFYQEG I was informed that I will receive my baggage in Dammam Airport, later on I arrived in Dammam and I didn’t get my baggage, they claimed due to my friend Mr. Faisal didn’t show because he left the Airport and drive his own car all the way to Dammam. OK, I get it and I totally respect the system when you don’t show up your baggage get dropped from the flight, but it’s not my fault when i stay in Bahrain Airport waiting for my next flight around 5 hours then once i get to Dammam I don’t receive my baggage, because my friend who’s didn’t show up his baggage was arrived to Dammam airport, and i’m the one who deserve to get his own baggage didn’t receive anything. I think you mixed up between our baggage, the tag on my bag has his name but actually it’s mine and his bag has my name but actually it’s for him, that’s why I received his bag in DMM airport and I didn’t get mine and i was so frustrated. Also here’s the baggage numbers: GF 175011 My baggage wasn’t received GF 175008 His baggage was received and he don’t deserve to receive it because he left the airport and didn’t show up the flight For now i need to get my baggage to DMM airport please or contact me in personal please +966559600495 or this email. Kind regards, Mohammed Sent from my iPhone

ايجابيات: "Loaded passengers quickly with so many issues at the airport"
سلبيات: "No thought to seating and how they change and scatter families in different places not too far from each other. Plus seats were confirmed."
ايجابيات: "The ground staff from the help desk was helpful enough"
سلبيات: "I could have been rebooked a flight without having to pay for it. Who wants to lost his or her passport? It was very inconvenient and stressful for me, at least free rebooking would have ease my situation."
سلبيات: "Was a good experience"
ايجابيات: "Airplane very comfortable"
سلبيات: "Nothing!!"
ايجابيات: "Wheel service was excellent"
ايجابيات: "Wheel chair service was excellent"
سلبيات: "I wish gulf air start to put movie like others competitors airline instead of blocking it."
ايجابيات: "Seat was not comfortable TV and the hand set was not used friendly Scrambled eggs on the breakfast was really not good ...., sorry !!! Finally the smell of the J class area was bad Like old shoes smell !!!!! Sorry to say that but it was like that Next time please take care of this"
ايجابيات: "Pleasant crew."
سلبيات: "Nothing."
ايجابيات: "Yes"
سلبيات: "Food needs improvement"
ايجابيات: "On time flight Good services New aircraft"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "They canceled the flight that I booked from muscat to Manama at 1245 and booked to me at 745 am flight, and they keep me waiting for six hours to catch my flight from Manama to Riyadh, They did not offer me a hotel to stay during the waiting period."
ايجابيات: "prices, efficiency, helpful crew"
سلبيات: "they did not give out headphones and mine did not fit the aircraft. It would've been nice if I was able to watch something to pass the time."
ايجابيات: "Clean airplane and friendly crew"
سلبيات: "No Problem"
ايجابيات: "Friendly and helpful flight crew Good food Free movies to warch"
ايجابيات: "Service. Crew - the on board "chef" was particularly attentive."
سلبيات: "IFE very limited. Take a good book - or two. Old A330, but well maintained."
ايجابيات: "New Dreamliner. Business Class very comfortable. Onboard chef very attentive."
سلبيات: "IFE very limited, so take a good book!"
سلبيات: "Was not a fan of the breakfast offered."
ايجابيات: "Easy"
سلبيات: "Wow"
سلبيات: "onboard entertainment is very limited"
ايجابيات: "The price was excellent, the (A330) plane was in good clean condition, they provided with blankets, pillows and headphones. The food was better than most airlines I have travelled on and the entertainment was okay but not as good I would have wanted. Overall, I would say 4 stars all round."
سلبيات: "Entertainment could have had more on offer, the plane was generally cold, an on-board wifi on their major (A330) planes would have been helpful and upgrades to their short haul planes would be good too."
سلبيات: "Food was not so great. Could have been better"
سلبيات: "There was some delay."
ايجابيات: "The crew was helpful, the boarding was organized"
سلبيات: "I travelled with my 3 years old kid and there weren't any food that was special for The kids The stroller i travelled with it and i received it with the bags, while when travelling to dubai i received it back on the plane gate which was much better"
ايجابيات: "fast boarding, got the luggage quickly."
سلبيات: "nothing"
ايجابيات: "Flight was delayed, so missed the connection. Was made to wait at Bahrain for more than 24 hours without any accommodation. Will never travel by gulf air again. It's the worst airline in the world."
ايجابيات: "They delivered as requested"
سلبيات: "They are probably overworked with minimum crew as they are not too friendly and don’t seem happy when a passenger makes requests"
ايجابيات: "لم يعجبني شي"
سلبيات: "اخر مره اسافر علي هذه الشركه"
ايجابيات: "Noisy and crowded"
ايجابيات: "Bording was ok."
سلبيات: "Too much security checks"
ايجابيات: "Service and comfort"
سلبيات: "Paying for the weight of each bag instead of the free 2 bag international allowance was absurd."
ايجابيات: "I was rerouted entirely to fly with Austrian Air, and only landed 2 hours later than scheduled, which was nice."
سلبيات: "My Gulf Air flight from Bangkok to Paris was delayed 7 hours which would make me miss my connection to Paris in Bahrain...and they wanted to put me on a new flight that would have me layover in Bahrain for more than 18 hours, and landing in Paris 24 hours later than planned. I politely said no and asked them to find me something else, and they did--so that was good. But the suggested alternative for a 7 hour delay was absolutely ridiculous. Also, the 7 hour delay was never explained and no other flights were delayed, so I guess it was something wrong with the plane?"
ايجابيات: "Food and Crew"
سلبيات: "seats not comfortable"
ايجابيات: "The air hostess"
سلبيات: "The delay"
ايجابيات: "The flight attendants were very polite, service was great. The plane was very clean and movie selection was good as well. Lots of leg room as well, I enjoyed my flight."
ايجابيات: "Not much."
سلبيات: "Buses took ages when boarding and disembarking."
ايجابيات: "Good food and entertainment"
سلبيات: "Crew could be nicer Crammed seats Late"
ايجابيات: "Flight delayed and no info given while waiting at the gate"
سلبيات: "Missed my connection from Doha to this flight neither Qatar air or gulf would help me reschedule ticket had to pay third airline to get home"
ايجابيات: "on time"
سلبيات: "food"
ايجابيات: "Overall good"
ايجابيات: "Great staff and service. Non-pretentious unlike other tegional carriers!"
ايجابيات: "The in flight entertainment console was standard with decent movies. The hotel and food voucher for flight delay was nice but was only received AFTER fighting with customer service for over 3 hours on the phone using international calling. Terrible terrible."
سلبيات: "Firsr leg of flight was delayed (mnl to bah) then luggage was lost when we arrived in Paris. Food on the plane was mediocre. Service was poor. I kept having to request water because only a small glass of water was made available at meal service, and typically most airlines on offer water consistently throughout the flight. Flight attendants all but disappeared in between services. Coffee was also terrible borderline undrinkable. When luggage was lost no offer was provided for a solution - voucher, per diem, etc. We were coming from a warm climate and had to exist for two days layering warm weather clothes. Luckily we had our coats in our carryon. But both travelers became sick during our trip."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Crew Food Quality And finally the flight cancelled"
ايجابيات: "N/A"
سلبيات: "Flight was overbooked and I was forced to delay 24hrs for the next available seat."
سلبيات: "No selection for beverage. No tomato juice!"
ايجابيات: "Very smooth flight and excellent service"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Not bad"
سلبيات: "Good"
سلبيات: "It was really nice and comfortable trip"
ايجابيات: "Crew was super friendly and helpful!!"
سلبيات: "I didn’t really like the available movies"
ايجابيات: "The food was good."
سلبيات: "The seats aren’t comfortable and way too small."
ايجابيات: "Flight crew was very friendly and helpful."
سلبيات: "Boarding process quite chaotic."
ايجابيات: "The only thing is good, they gave us a room for the missing flight which is because of them. Poor customer service, no communication, the flight is always late and you will miss your flight."
سلبيات: "Get organized and explain for the passengers why there is a delay."
سلبيات: "Flight was a little warm"
سلبيات: "The Business Class lounge was OK, but we were through late at night and there was very little hospitality offered"
ايجابيات: "On time and comfortable"
سلبيات: "Too many check points, very lousy checking in area in the airport and no one to organize people checking in cause long wait line"
سلبيات: "Old plane - entertainment system did not have too many movies. Food was just okay"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Egypt air is one of the worst airlines in the world so everything could have been better. Literally everything"
ايجابيات: "Timing and Food"
سلبيات: "Out of 50 international flights in the past 5 years, this is the first time on EGYPTAIR. They lost one piece of luggage."
ايجابيات: "New 787 is amazing plane ✈️"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "The crew were very friendly"
سلبيات: "The airplane was too old and uncomfortable"
ايجابيات: "The overall experience was good"
سلبيات: "The lounges in egypt airport could be better"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Crew were nice"
سلبيات: "Food can be better"
سلبيات: "Im still not st my destination due to delays of the airline"
ايجابيات: "Lenient on the luggage allowance but human relations need to"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "The plane was overbooked"
سلبيات: "I don’t think with airline like you could do something."
ايجابيات: "Flight durations were good."
سلبيات: "Better entertainment provided. Also got moved around to accommodate their colleagues, which I wasn’t too fond of being pushed to a middle seat."
ايجابيات: "All about this trip was excellent"
سلبيات: "Late boarding Late take off Late luggage Broken seat"
ايجابيات: "Better seat, food, in-flight entertainment, lights not on as long so people can sleep"
ايجابيات: "Nice experience except for the delay in Dubai."
سلبيات: "Any delay would have been nice. we really had to run a lot in El Cairo Airport in order to catch the conection flight to Madrid."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Careless"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "everything was good especially the timing and entertaining it all good."
سلبيات: "keeping to the time most especially."
ايجابيات: "Being done."
سلبيات: "Being thirsty."
ايجابيات: "Always on- time. Always friendly and approachable staff, very clean seating. EGYPTAIR IS MY FAVORITE AIRLINE!"
سلبيات: "There is nothing to not like."
سلبيات: "Plane was really old. They desperately need to upgrade their fleet."
ايجابيات: "Excelent service by crew , boarding did not take long , trip was excellent by all means."
سلبيات: "The flight crew didn’t provide any kind of leadership when the passengers were causing a delay. Then we landed 20 minuets later than schedule, but the pilot failed to recognize the delay, he announced the schedule arrival time rather than the actual time. Then the freaking airport is so bad, that I decided not to come back here anymore. The luggage were delayed for an hour and half and we asked the supervisor he said that’s usually what happened, and we have to wait, he didn’t even care to provide any explanation for why all this unnecessary delay."
ايجابيات: "The cabin service was excellent and attentive"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Every thing"
سلبيات: "Every thing"
ايجابيات: "The dinner food was decent (breakfast was subpar)."
سلبيات: "We waited about an hour lined up outside of the gate to board. Then when we finally boarded late, we sat on the runway for 2 hours! This wasn’t the first time it’s happened on this flight, either! We were thirsty and no one offered us water. The flight attendants kept skipping my friend and I when they did come around, which was not often. We were extremely thirsty the entire time and when we finally were able to get up to use the bathroom and search for water, we were told to sit back down. We got tiny cups of water about three times on a 10.5 hour flight. Lastly, the entertainment selection was very small and limited."
ايجابيات: "Everything worked as advertised."
سلبيات: "Nothing .. everything worked just fine."
سلبيات: "Food ordinary"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Everything very poor business class"
ايجابيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Price was affordable . Short layover. Easy and good flight connection."
سلبيات: "Poor snacks."
ايجابيات: "The people, the food, the culture."
سلبيات: "Traffic"
ايجابيات: "Was very smoth"
ايجابيات: "Bording+crew"
سلبيات: "Time arrive late"
سلبيات: "Wasnt direct"
ايجابيات: "nothing"
سلبيات: "12 hours of delay without any kind of comensation"
سلبيات: "We had to wait for an hour to receive our baggage, some passengers received part or half of their baggage. No one was to be found to follow up, the belt information board showed that all bags had arrived when it hadn't. Very poor in this aspect"
ايجابيات: "Food, seats, service."
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "The security was tight! We ended up going through 7 check points before we were at our gate. This is a positive and important need these days"
سلبيات: "Boarding was late, unorganized, and trying. Everyone rushed to the gate, giving no care to what the attendants were asking the passengers to do. We just sat back, even though we were to board at the beginning. Also, there were A LOT of young children (this is at 2:00 AM in the morning going to Munich). The children were running around with no supervision and it was very nerve racking."
سلبيات: "I purchased my ticket in January, the airline cancelled my ticket two weeks before my scheduled departure time in mid-June. They offered no recourse other than refunding my ticket, even though they offer the same flight every day at the same time. I was left with no tickets two weeks before my departure time and had to drastically alter my vacation so as to not pay an extremely exorbitant price for a flight, which was still hundreds of dollars more than the price I paid in January."
ايجابيات: "Food"
سلبيات: "No entertainment system was working"
ايجابيات: "sorry had to cancel due to covid-19"
سلبيات: "sorry had to cancel due to covid-19 still waiting for refund ??"
ايجابيات: "The food was good"
سلبيات: "The chair is crazy small and tide was really not comfortable at all . I wish they could make it a little bit bigger"
ايجابيات: "Seat spacing, food, crew Everything"
سلبيات: "More comfortable seats."
سلبيات: "The airplane broke from Abudabi to Delhi with 4 hrs delay."
ايجابيات: "Flight price and time"
سلبيات: "There was no choice for dinner. It was only a fait accompli that eating from one category remained. When I refused, they did not respond to my request to replace the food. I refused to eat it. The host did not agree to replace the food,"
ايجابيات: "It got me from a to b"
سلبيات: "I'm just not going to go with Etihad in the future."
سلبيات: "There was no complimentary toothbrush, and socks to wear like other international flights. To disembark from plane you have to go down stairs, which is not easy for seniors. And the same to board in the plane."
ايجابيات: "Nothing."
سلبيات: "Too little space for carry on compartments. Seats are too tight and tiny, very uncomfortable, staff not interacting or smiling, food was disgusting and tasteless, the aircraft seemed old and was so incredibly noisy the whole trip, and the ventilation was too bad the smell was just old and rusty."
ايجابيات: "I was impressed they gave us a full meal for only a 3.5 hr fought"
سلبيات: "Crew was a little rude"
ايجابيات: "Transiet time"
سلبيات: "Food"
سلبيات: "Very limited food served at inappropriate times with no flexibility. No information provided on what meals would be served at what times. Very limited entertainment. Very long uncomfortable flight compounded by crew hawking duty free goods like vendors at a fish market, waking many of those who had been fortunate enough to fall asleep."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Flight delayed Baggage lost & didn’t receive upon arrival"
ايجابيات: "That there was a vegetarian meal on the second leg of my travel. And that the journey is over. Besides that, not much"
سلبيات: "1 hour delay to begin with. Then trasfer area at Abu Dhabi was utter chaos. While it's suffocatingly crowded, there was no A.C! No vegetarian option for meal on the flight from Brussels to Abu Dhabi. The seats hurt by bottom. One of the worst flight seats ever. All in all, a totally underwhelming experience."
ايجابيات: "Handled disruptive customers well"
سلبيات: "Boarding and departure were late, food was terrible"
ايجابيات: "On time, confortable flight. Love the A330 seat arrangement."
سلبيات: "Boarding a bit chaotic at Abu Dhabi airport and there was no electronic display indication at the gate that it was the flight to Beirut."
ايجابيات: "E box movies , longer leg room"
سلبيات: "Nothing I love Etihad"
ايجابيات: "Overall its very k"
سلبيات: "Flight EY 653 screen touch sensitivity wad very bad"
ايجابيات: "Everything was fine, but"
سلبيات: "Frigid temps on board The snacks were sad"
ايجابيات: "Nice crew. I'm a frequent flyer and my journey from Abu Dhabi to Cairo, the crew was very nice . (a preference for my first trip of the day though ;)) Everything was very good, except for the screen: on both planes I used this day, it didn't work but it was exceptional in experience. Free champagne! :p"
سلبيات: "Everything was very good except for the screen: On both planes that I used this day, it didn't work but it was exceptional in experience. The flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo, no choice of food due to limited and badly anticipated quantities."
ايجابيات: "Crew were awesome, food was amazing"
ايجابيات: "Staff were professional."
سلبيات: "Too full, busy flight with noisy travelers. Many children were constantly crying and there was too much going on. perhaps staff could suggest that travelers remain quiet or mindful of others who are trying to sleep."
ايجابيات: "Staff are efficient."
ايجابيات: "SeatsPrompt service"
سلبيات: "I couldn't chose the Hindu meal when I booked ticket from Kayak and I had to suffer my entire journey not having food"
ايجابيات: "All were very friendly: at the airport and in the plane. Good food. We were well informed and in time!!!"
ايجابيات: "Ample storage available in window seat. Window seat for solo business traveler is nice; private."
سلبيات: "Boarding very inefficient- rushed out of Premium Lounge to go to the pre-screening for return to US - finished and at the gate sent back to a nearby lounge with just enough time to sit down for a few minutes."
ايجابيات: "Everything was perfect...seats crew food accuracy"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "In time"
سلبيات: "Crew not helpful . Same with food not enough ):"
ايجابيات: "The food and the entertainment."
سلبيات: "The information desk had a terrible attitude towards me - the customer, and when I tried to explain to them how disrespectful they were being they continued to disrespect me once again. Also, the worker at the counter was lazy and wouldn't do his required job. Also, the new update towards the tv makes it harder for me to pause the movie I am watching or to finish the movie altogether."
سلبيات: "The food was horrible"
ايجابيات: "Everything"
سلبيات: "I couldn't sleep on the plane."
ايجابيات: "I have been upgraded to business class which was something cool, doesn't happen a lot. The check in was really fast , and the man giving the boarding passes was really, nice"
سلبيات: "The crew in the business class, were NOT up to the standards. Whenever I ask about something, they say ... I will come back, Yes they come, but after a while. When serving the food, they gave me the main course, without bringing the salad or appetizer, they didn't ask to bring or not, and I thought that it goes without mentioning to bring them. After finishing the main course, she asked if I finished, so I said yes, she took the whole tray, without asking or bringing the desert, which is again strange. before landing , I wanted to take a medicine, so asked for water, but they said to me we started to descent, and they didn't bring me water except after saying I needed this for taking medicine"
سلبيات: "Food the morning, you don't want to eat dinner food. Should be breakfast."
ايجابيات: "Economy legroom was good, great food, clean plane. Staff seemed professional but occasionally cold to requests."
ايجابيات: "Service Seats Flight attendants"
ايجابيات: "Fantastic crew! Good selection for tv, food was good. Baggage checked all the way through, no problems or complaints at all. Will definitely fly Etihad again."
ايجابيات: "food was excellent."
سلبيات: "Crew behavior not good."
ايجابيات: "everything"
ايجابيات: "The trip was late and the transite one left and they refused to componsate me neither by ticket nor money .. It was ahorrible trip i lost 4000 dollars for hotels and other ticket which is toooooo much"
ايجابيات: "Great staff"
ايجابيات: "I wanted to cancel my flight ticket 2/3 days after buying it. I called vayama and they told me that it can't be canceled. I asked to reschedule the booking instead and they told me that rescheduling will cost me more than the price of the original ticket! Now I lost the money I paid! I will stop booking my flights through kayak going forward. I am not happy with the service and the policies do not make any sense. This was a waste. I am very disappointed. I had a serious personal reason to not to fly and nothing was taken in to consideration. I will pass this to all people I know."
سلبيات: "The crew seemed to be new or something else happened but they ran out of food to serve, so they handed out bread rolls and soft drinks which then sat on our trays for the majority of the flight."
ايجابيات: "I did receive my bag, even I reserve business class."
سلبيات: "I did receive my bag, even I reserve business class."
ايجابيات: "Food and hospitalityu"
سلبيات: "Seating was too narrow"
ايجابيات: "Crew service was OK,"
سلبيات: "They make too much fussy about the ledge weight even it was few Lbs. over. they select the worse sits in the plane for my family. Very last row of sits. the worse site in the plane. even though we were the first in the line during the checking. This was the first time was with Etihad."
ايجابيات: "Aircraft fleet and airport is good. Good infrastructure."
سلبيات: "The cabin crew is not at all courteous. When you start travelling in US, you realize how different the crew's attitude is. When you want to say no to the customer, atleast make an effort to accommodate the needs of the customer first. Minor requests made by the passengers should be accommodated. You just rudely say No. Learn something from American customer service!!"
ايجابيات: "everything"
ايجابيات: "Good comfort. Good entertainment. Excellent food. Courteous service."

Had a bitter experience with RJ, and had the challenge to login to account no information about what went wrong and not being able to select the food option after check-in flight they don't have any vegetarian food option on the flight, and they told us to have to select the food option before boarding :( i had the challenge of login into my account, with explaining all the details to crew members they told they don't have any vegetarian food to serve for my entire family throughout the journey and my baggage does not arrive to the destination on time. Overall its very bad experience for my entire family

Their website has been created for better use by individuals and it does not allow me to create an account to manage the bookings and food options. the flight crew does not have any option for vegetarians their default option is non-veg if a person has a technical reason to connect their account they have no food choice during the entire journey. mine have a bad experience from DXB to JFK such a long drive with 2 kids.

سلبيات: "Staff at check in counter was rude."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Rude staffs at the check in"
ايجابيات: "Boarding process was very fast and crew were highly helpful"
سلبيات: "No entertainment in the flight No screen !!!!"
ايجابيات: "Crowded people around even the crew speaking loud over several rows."
سلبيات: "Four hours flight with only a little snack, plane was not cleaned up ( pillow and plaid from before upon our seats )"
ايجابيات: "Not much really"
سلبيات: "Delayed departure; departure fate kept changing; long time waiting on the bus"
ايجابيات: "The crew and the aircraft"
سلبيات: "More food and more toilets for the economy class"
ايجابيات: "Great crew, very comfortable plane. Everything was on time."
سلبيات: "The vegetarian option was not vegetarian as it contained fish. O'Hare was under construction and signage from the domestic terminal to international terminal was poor."
سلبيات: "Didn't think of something because the flight was awesome."
ايجابيات: "Yes"
سلبيات: "Very well"
سلبيات: "Nothing staff was wonderful"
ايجابيات: "crew was just normal, seat was fine, not comfortable"
سلبيات: "first flight was 4 hours late, resulting in potential missing connection flight. had to change reservation & arrive super late"
ايجابيات: "An easy quick trip. My flight was mostly empty at 1130pm."
سلبيات: "Evrything!"
سلبيات: "flight delayed. final destination arrival was 9 hours after expected. no accomodation was given (i stayed in the airport for 9 hours and needed to sleep there)"
سلبيات: "As a handicaped disabled not able to walk and should be using a wheel chair,as I know from my many previous travels with other companies like lufthanza, klm..etc, I used to be the first traveller to go to the air craft when loading it to take off and the last one who would be leaving it after landing. Even when going through the check and security points I used to go in a special route especially for the handicaped but going with all other normal travelers lines with such amount of time waiting and crowdness is completely inconvenient. what happened through the trip was quit different , going with the travelers or after when they are boarding the craft make it very hard and time consuming , Wish you take care of it, as it's a very important handicaped service. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment"
ايجابيات: "Bad"
سلبيات: "Almost everything"
ايجابيات: "Flight was on time and the handling of the plane by the pilots was good"
سلبيات: "While the plane was a Dreamliner, the quality of the seats, and the space in the seats didn't fit the the usual Dreamliner quality. The toilet facilities were terrible ... urine on the floors that made them sticky and horrifically stinky. Only two food service events during the 13 hours ... the first was OK, but the second was really sub par (a sandwich and a granola bar only)/.The available entertainment choices of movies were really lacking compared to other airlines. My first seat assignment had to be changed, because the man set to be sitting next to me began murmuring and cursing when he found out that I was to be next to him. My second seat assignment had me sitting in front of a man, who angrily refused to let me recline my seat at all, because it would crowd his leg space. Therefore I had to sit perfectly straight for all 13 hours of the flight. There were no other aisle seats for me to switch to. Most airlines offer eye shades and earplugs for the long haul flights. Not this one. Both were needed on this rather noise, chaotic flight. I guess you get what you pay for ... the cheap fare is not worth it. I don't intend to fly this airline again."
سلبيات: "All good"
ايجابيات: "We arrived to Amman safely"
سلبيات: "Some of the passengers are men from Saudi Arabia and they cannot be next to a woman. The flight attendant was very accommodating to those passengers."
ايجابيات: "Short trip"
سلبيات: "No coffee"
ايجابيات: "Seats were comfortable, crew was attentive and smooth takeoff and landing"
سلبيات: "Food was low quality"
ايجابيات: "The flight the plane the staff on plane the food the entertainment"
سلبيات: "waiting lines to get into the gates and passport checks for departure. it was too long and mis-leading since the machines were not working eventually had to go to a manual check (not machine) and almost missed the flight. It's bad management of the Ben Gurion Airport."
ايجابيات: "The flight the plane the staff on plane the food the entertainment"
سلبيات: "Inspectors checking your personal hand bag with gloves on their hand getting into every pocket."
ايجابيات: "On time"
سلبيات: "No entertainment"
ايجابيات: "Evry thing Time keeping Food Survice"
سلبيات: "No internet"
ايجابيات: "The fact it was a direct flight, for the price of round trip can't really complain but for any cost above what we purchased our tickets would have been extremely disappointed."
سلبيات: "Small seats no room to even move, food was awful and service on plane was not so friendly nor accommodating."
سلبيات: "First class wasn't boarded first. Meal was ok, but not great. Seats were very comfortable"
سلبيات: "The entire trip from the beginning was a hassle due to a terrible customer service. No help whatsoever."
ايجابيات: "Very nice staff expert captains"
ايجابيات: "On time and very efficient"
سلبيات: "The food offering was poor"
سلبيات: "Bording was not very organized."
ايجابيات: "Okall"
سلبيات: "All"
ايجابيات: "Good flight"
سلبيات: "Normal flight no entertainment"
ايجابيات: "Seats were bigger than normal flights"
سلبيات: "There was no entertainment at all. Food could've been better."
سلبيات: "I asked for a window seat and I have platinum card. I was told to check at the counter. The counter lady said there is no window seat available and the whole row of three seats was empty! As soon as I entered the flight it had an urine like odor through out the flight. I travel a lot in this airline and this is the first flight that had that odor. I will fly again and if that continues I will consider changing the airline."
ايجابيات: "Space in the airplane Great service Multimedia system"
ايجابيات: "The plane was nice and clean."
سلبيات: "The food wasn't that good for me, the dessert was good. Not all the crew members were friendly with the passengers."
ايجابيات: "Food and entertainment"
سلبيات: "People weren't sitting in their assigned seats. They resolved the issue by reassigning those who were last on the plane."
ايجابيات: "Pleasant crew and smooth flight."
سلبيات: "There was nothing I didn't like."
ايجابيات: "Had 4 flights with Royal Jordanian (tlv-amman, amman-bkk and back). All were excellent. I recommend highly this company"
سلبيات: "The delays"
ايجابيات: "Loved all of the kind smiling faces on all of the flight attendants"
ايجابيات: "Very pleasant crew. Nice to have a meal on a short flight."
ايجابيات: "Our own tvs. Service was friendly. The tint windows are pretty cool. It did create a quieter atmosphere."
سلبيات: "We were in the clear tunnel waiting to board and could see the luggage being checked by dog, next thing, the dog lifted his leg and peed on my luggage. I knew it was mine because it's a very bright lime green. Not happy about that. Everyone in the tunnel saw it too. Food was so so. The snack was a joke, a bun with cheese and one tiny slice of a cucumber. Would've rather had chips or pretzels or cookies."
ايجابيات: "Very professional crew"
سلبيات: "Boarding and departure always very early. No audio-video"
ايجابيات: "good service with a friendly crew. clean and comfortable."
سلبيات: "the food is not good at all (i had the vegetarian meal). the bread roll had mold on it. I would suggest boarding according to seats. when boarding all together you get stuck in line before and inside the plane itself."
سلبيات: "Please don't delay on boarding"
ايجابيات: "Service, on time"
سلبيات: "Not much to complain about"
سلبيات: "Excellent customer service"
ايجابيات: "Nothing really."
ايجابيات: "Very limited (basically 2 times) food were provided over 16:40 hrs flying time. Kids were hungry. No tea/coffee were provided. After distributing warm clothes, we got food almost one hour later."
سلبيات: "They should add one more meal and drinks more frequently."
ايجابيات: "Crew"
سلبيات: "Food"
ايجابيات: "Smooth trip"
سلبيات: "All is well"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Space, crew"
سلبيات: "Chaotic boarding"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "I don’t like the delay"
ايجابيات: "Coffee was excellent."
سلبيات: "Flight was delayed, we almost missed our connecting flight and our bags were not on the same flight."
سلبيات: "More movies playlist"
سلبيات: "The crew was not helpful. We kept asking for many things but they don’t bring them from the first time. They gave me food as normal and when I opened it they brought my requested special food which should be given to me earlier."
ايجابيات: "Nothing. Everyone was tough. Not smiling. Not helpful. Too many scans and check points"
ايجابيات: "Aicraft was decent"
سلبيات: "They downt know what customer service is all about!"
سلبيات: "Thanks"
ايجابيات: "Take off was on time. Food was good. Crew was professional."
سلبيات: "درجة تأهيل المضيفة متوسطة مناولة صينية الطعام في يد النسافر شئ من الفظاظة في التعامل"
ايجابيات: "Seating and entertainment"
سلبيات: "FooD"
سلبيات: "Male and departurr"
سلبيات: "Delayed flight from Jeddah as usual."
ايجابيات: "very nice"
ايجابيات: "The crew was friendly - precise and very professional. They made accommodations as they could in the moment."
سلبيات: "Throughout the flight there was no way to charge cellphones or any electronics. The WiFi was not working - I am certain all of the outlets and the screen were off or not functioning."
سلبيات: "I purchased a window seat in the exit aisle from the airline when booking. The airline seated me in a regular aisle seat without legroom."
ايجابيات: "Comfortable, nice staff clean"
سلبيات: "Chairs are close to each other"
سلبيات: "I booked a returned flight from JFK to JED and back for my younger sister, she arrived on the same flight I booked but when returning flight from JED to JFK her ticket was suspended. The person on the counter said it was suspended due to she never boarded on the plane from JFK to JED. Never again booking on the website."
ايجابيات: "The crew dosnt know how to deal with passengers Need more trining"
ايجابيات: "There was one crew member that talked to me for a little bit and was very helpful about planning my vacation and he was just a cool guy all around. And the food wasn’t bad!"
سلبيات: "The TVs on my first flight didn’t work, the headphones I got had one completely broken bud with no cover and the other didn’t work. And they put my luggage on the wrong plane so I have to wait an extra hour which caused me to miss my driver who was going to take me to my hotel! And to top it all off I was told to change clothes because they “weren’t appropriate”... it was just shorts and they went past my knees! I am a man and should be able to where shorts because they are comfy!"
سلبيات: "Delay after delay. Broken entertainment system"
ايجابيات: "This flight did not have a prayer room which made it much more quiet and comfortable."
سلبيات: "More beverage options"
سلبيات: "Had requested vegetarian meals for me daughter and she did not receive one on any of our flights."
ايجابيات: "Good food n movies, comfy seats"
سلبيات: "Rough bumpy flight with no xplanations or apologies from crew n interval btw connecting flights too short"
ايجابيات: "Newer Planes - comfortable seats"
سلبيات: "No understanding of nuts and associated nut allergies - especially life threatening ones. 1. Pistachios left in seat pockets (my daughter has life threatening allergies from pistachio) - we explained to the stewardesses and the pilot came to - his answer was "SO WHAT" 2. Brownies served as dessert have traces of peanuts (my son has life threatening peanut allergies) 3. Dates served with nuts"
ايجابيات: "The seats are comfortable and the entertainment system is excellent. The flight staff where also very nice."
سلبيات: "I would have liked there to be snacks offered to passengers in between meals."
ايجابيات: "Food, cabin crew are very good"
سلبيات: "Transit in Jeddah..The airport is not organized and the staff too."
ايجابيات: "Too upset to remember."
سلبيات: "The airport only announced a 1 hour delay (instead of 5:10 pm it was posted at 6:10 pm) but the truth that we departed at 9:20 pm. At the end I lost a bag from my 3 piece luggage that they have charged me for the extra piece at a frustrating $302 USD :("
سلبيات: "The terminal in Jeddah was the worst. There weren’t sufficient bathrooms for the number of flights/people passing through and the bathrooms were soaking wet. In addition, it rained and there were leaks in the roof all throughout the terminal. The water was literally pouring in non-stop. I advise anyone to avoid long layovers (or any layover) in Jeddah. The only positive aspect is there are a couple of good (small) coffee shapes and reclaimed chairs that are good for sleeping."
ايجابيات: "It was much better than the Washington flight"
سلبيات: "No head phones"
ايجابيات: "Stay longer than schedule lot of crowds not clean"
ايجابيات: "Really nice crew."
سلبيات: "Baby! It was tight. Very little wiggle room and the seats were super uncomfortable. Thank my lucky stars I only had to endure the flight for 2 hours or I don't think I would've made it."
ايجابيات: "-Same as above-"
سلبيات: "The transit time is rather long to Europe."
ايجابيات: "Worst."
سلبيات: "Worst."
ايجابيات: "Staff were friendly, aircraft were clean and comfortable, with the entertainment being as entertaining as it should be. Food was decent and baggage policy is nice and generous. Seats are comfortable with great legroom, and good width and pitch."
سلبيات: "Transiting at Jeddah (South terminal) on economy class is an AWFUL experience, I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It's just a small block with 6 or 8 gates inside it which is much too small for the amount of people who wait for those flights. It's really difficult to find anywhere to sit and there's no paid lounge in the South terminal. Facilities are very poor with no WiFi and filthy bathrooms. What's more, all parking positions at Jeddah are currently remote gates, so everybody is bussed to the planes. Hopefully this will all change, at least to some degree, when the rebuilt airport opens."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Flight is delayed too much!!!"
سلبيات: "nothing"
ايجابيات: "comfortable chair"
سلبيات: "staff , food and baggage service"
سلبيات: "Personnel in jeddah airport left their places ,,leaving thousands of passengers without service. one to complain to,,, irresponsible behaviour, ,,never using your airlines again"
سلبيات: "We were delayed on the runway for an hour with no updates. Inside the plane, it was extremely warm, and the crew did not come around with water until after the plane had taken off."
ايجابيات: "The seats"
سلبيات: "The food was ok. I was expecting a bit more freshness"
ايجابيات: "Good service on the plane"
سلبيات: "The flight delay 3 hours. Without giving reasons"

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بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 20 دTUU-CAI
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 35 دCAI-TUU
491 ﷼
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
15 س 10 دDMM-CAI
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
7 س 35 دCAI-DMM
670 ﷼
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
15 س 10 دDMM-CAI
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
7 س 35 دCAI-DMM
734 ﷼
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
26 س 00 دDMM-CAI
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
13 س 40 دCAI-DMM
738 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
9 س 45 دDMM-CAI
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
6 س 20 دCAI-DMM
779 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
2 س 50 دDMM-CAI
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
26 س 00 دCAI-DMM
783 ﷼
بدون توقفAir Cairo
2 س 50 دDMM-CAI
بدون توقفAir Cairo
2 س 40 دCAI-DMM
805 ﷼
بدون توقفAir Arabia
3 س 45 دRUH-CAI
بدون توقفAir Arabia
1 س 40 دCAI-RUH
809 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 10 دJED-CAI
بدون توقفflynas
3 س 25 دCAI-JED
835 ﷼
بدون توقفAir Arabia
4 س 05 دDMM-CAI
بدون توقفAir Arabia
1 س 50 دCAI-DMM
835 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
2 س 55 دDMM-CAI
بدون توقفflyadeal
3 س 05 دCAI-DMM
846 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 10 دJED-CAI
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 25 دCAI-JED
865 ﷼
بدون توقفAir Cairo
2 س 50 دDMM-CAI
بدون توقفAir Cairo
2 س 40 دCAI-DMM
865 ﷼
توقف واحدSAUDIA
9 س 45 دJED-CAI
توقف واحدSAUDIA
6 س 15 دCAI-JED
869 ﷼
توقف واحدSAUDIA
9 س 45 دJED-CAI
بدون توقفSAUDIA
1 س 20 دCAI-JED
873 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية الكويتية
7 س 15 دRUH-CAI
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية الكويتية
7 س 25 دCAI-RUH
910 ﷼
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
10 س 05 دRUH-CAI
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
7 س 40 دCAI-RUH
951 ﷼
بدون توقفEgypt Air
3 س 00 دELQ-CAI
بدون توقفEgypt Air
0 س 55 دCAI-ELQ
1,127 ﷼
بدون توقفNesma Airlines
2 س 20 دELQ-CAI
بدون توقفNesma Airlines
2 س 10 دCAI-ELQ
1,172 ﷼
بدون توقفالنيل للطيران
2 س 30 دTIF-CAI
بدون توقفالنيل للطيران
2 س 25 دCAI-TIF
1,352 ﷼

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بدون توقفflynas
2 س 10 دJED-CAI
127 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 10 دJED-CAI
191 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
2 س 00 دJED-CAI
258 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 55 دRUH-CAI
270 ﷼
بدون توقفAir Cairo
2 س 50 دDMM-CAI
333 ﷼
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
9 س 45 دDMM-CAI
352 ﷼
بدون توقفNesma Airlines
2 س 25 دJED-CAI
356 ﷼
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
9 س 45 دDMM-CAI
356 ﷼
بدون توقفNesma Airlines
2 س 25 دJED-CAI
371 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
2 س 00 دJED-CAI
375 ﷼
بدون توقفAir Arabia
4 س 05 دDMM-CAI
401 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
9 س 35 دRUH-CAI
412 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية الكويتية
7 س 30 دDMM-CAI
453 ﷼
بدون توقففلاي إيجيبت
3 س 10 دRUH-CAI
502 ﷼
توقف واحدSAUDIA
9 س 45 دJED-CAI
506 ﷼
توقف واحدRoyal Jordanian
7 س 16 دRUH-CAI
521 ﷼
بدون توقفEgypt Air
3 س 00 دELQ-CAI
543 ﷼
توقف واحدالاتحاد للطيران
8 س 25 دDMM-CAI
543 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
9 س 40 دELQ-CAI
581 ﷼
بدون توقفالنيل للطيران
1 س 15 دTUU-CAI
760 ﷼

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