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20 مايو — 27 مايو1
رحلة ذهاب وإياب
شخص بالغ
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  • هل تبحث عن سعر رخيص لرحلة طيران إلى مسقط؟ عثر 25٪ من مستخدمينا على تذاكر إلى مسقط بالأسعار التالية أو أقل: من الرياض 993 ﷼ اتجاه واحد - 1,162 ﷼ ذهاب وعودة،من الدمام 476 ﷼ اتجاه واحد - 1,193 ﷼ ذهاب وعودة،من جدّة 1,088 ﷼ اتجاه واحد - 1,529 ﷼ ذهاب وعودة
  • احجز قبل 3 من الأسابيع على الأقل من موعد المغادرة لتحصل على سعر أقل من المتوسط.
  • High season is considered to be أكتوبر, نوفمبر and ديسمبر. The cheapest month to fly from المملكة العربية السعودية is أبريل.
  • أدخل مطار المغادرة وتواريخ السفر المفضلة لديك في نموذج البحث أعلاه لفتح أحدث عروض مسقط لرحلات الطيران.

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8.3الصعود إلى الطائرة
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تقييمات شركات الطيران

BR sink is not properly draining! Oh my! Water is still in the sink from previous passenger.. gross!!!! No toilet seat paper. Too much trash everywhere.. aisle, tray is taking forever to pick up. Movies are too old- most of them. You should have movies for the past 5yrs only. Mix your food of western and middle east. Food that was served is too much for some passengers who are not so familiar with. Too spicy/smelly for me. One meal of this is enough for me… not the whole flight meals. Crews are so helpful and friendly! They are the best throughout my flight/travel experience. Good job!!! Please prioritize how keep your bathrooms clean! Thank you!

اقرأ المزيد حول الخطوط الجوية القطرية

BR sink is not properly draining! Oh my! Water is still in the sink from previous passenger.. gross!!!! No toilet seat paper. Too much trash everywhere.. aisle, tray is taking forever to pick up. Movies are too old- most of them. You should have movies for the past 5yrs only. Mix your food of western and middle east. Food that was served is too much for some passengers who are not so familiar with. Too spicy/smelly for me. One meal of this is enough for me… not the whole flight meals. Crews are so helpful and friendly! They are the best throughout my flight/travel experience. Good job!!! Please prioritize how keep your bathrooms clean! Thank you!

There was flight delays due to long ques of on-boarding process.

Everything was good but they need to improve on time

ايجابيات: "GOOD FLIGHT"
سلبيات: "NONE"
ايجابيات: "The crew was exceptional. They took care of the customers with passion and energy. The Q suites are comfortable and one of the best seats out there."
ايجابيات: "Comfortable cabin atmosphere"
سلبيات: "For extra bag their website says $200 per 50 lbs I was charged $250 instead for 50 lbs excess baggage. Food was terrible and coffee served was cold."
ايجابيات: "Crew was very friendly"
ايجابيات: "Amazing crew. Great service in economy."
ايجابيات: "The crew was good. Good movie selection."
سلبيات: "The food. The vegetarian meals were both noodles. And the meals were not very healthy. Too high calorie. I couldn’t figure out how to customize my meals On the Qatar app"
ايجابيات: "Liked the smoothness on boarding and the organization. Keep it up!"
سلبيات: "Attitude of some of the flight attendants and more entertainment."
ايجابيات: "Efficient, and courteous,seats too were comfy, neat amd clean"
ايجابيات: "The crew was very helpful and fast, at the gate of flight from Doha to Tbilisi they greeted and thanked me in Georgian, which was very nice of them. The seats were comfortable and the entertainement was good during almost ten hour flight from Manila to Doha."
سلبيات: "The food during the flight from Manila to Doha was poor. Last year I flew from Doha to Singapore in January and the year before that from Doha to Colombo, the food on both of the latter flights was very good. The food during flight from ManilaManila to Doha was poor."
ايجابيات: "Short flight. Attentive crew"
ايجابيات: "Stuff is Fantastic, food is delicious, a lot of leg room, got to love Qatar Airways. No wonder they’re number one."
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Crew and their promptness to assist"
سلبيات: "Vegetarian food - portion is too little. This has been the third time with Qatar and the food portion are too little."
ايجابيات: "A 350 was a very quiet plane, hardly any engine noise. Service was good."
سلبيات: "Seats were a bit hard."
ايجابيات: "Food , Crew , Plane, Cleanliness and Entertainment were good."
سلبيات: "Didn't like the fact that I was never notified through email that the flight was from a different , newer airport in Islamabad. Originally my booking was from Benazir International Airport Islamabad but on the day of flight when I went to that airport , it was totally closed for operations and flights. And I asked people in the street e.g taxi drivers etc which airport my flight could be from. They told me that a new airport in Islamabad had become operational and my flight could be from the newer airport. I went to the new airport but I was late for boarding because my time was wasted in going first to the Benazir International Airport and then rerouting to the new airport. Fortunately the fight from Islamabad to Qatar was delayed and I was able to make it to the boarding and flew from Islamabad to Doha."
ايجابيات: "Everything."
ايجابيات: "Everything was first class with excellent service"
سلبيات: "Long flight with long layover in Doha"
سلبيات: "All entertainment units were off."
سلبيات: "The food options was bad...during my trip asked for certain meal they claim that they are out of it. I also did not like how they check you into room in Doha & Chennai way before boarding time that time could have used for shopping instead of sitting in the room."
ايجابيات: "Entertainment was good. Food was good, I got the Hindu vegetarian. Also service from Nagpur to Doha is very convenient."
سلبيات: "It was mostly a good experience."
سلبيات: "Flight delay by 4 hours!!"
ايجابيات: "Very unfriendly and non cooperative ground staff. They treat different colored people differently"
سلبيات: "Staff looks down at Brown skin"
سلبيات: "Ground crew attitude at checkin,boarding. Only drink choices 2 juice boxes with sad snack. Entertainment screen malfunctioned, poor sound quality cf prior leg. Long rescreening process on connection FROM USA flight. Long wait to deplane to stairs/shuttle bus. Long wait for luggage."
ايجابيات: "Short flight, seat pitch OK and food adequate. Good crew."
سلبيات: "Bus boarding always chaotic"
ايجابيات: "Very crowded flight but still had room. Amazing and and easy to use entertainment. Super friendly staff. Comfortable seats. Exactly what I have come to expect from this amazing airline."
سلبيات: "The food could use some work. It is still better than most other airlines but not as good as most high schools. However, you will not go hungry because they make sure that you stay and hydrated on their flights. I do dislike all the dogs that are allowed in planes. Now flights have babies crying coupled with dogs barking. Takes away from the overall ambiance that Qatar tries so hard to achieve."
ايجابيات: "Excellent staff, good service."
سلبيات: "A Long. Trip"
ايجابيات: "Arrival and departure is on time treatment is excellent very courteous For all category of passenger"
سلبيات: "South Indian food may. Made available"
ايجابيات: "Everything! Great budget price that still delivers first class service. The stopover in Doha is wonderful. Could not be more pleased!"
ايجابيات: "I enjoyed my flight overall with good service by the attendants. Additionally, the food quality was good for an economy meal."
سلبيات: "long layover and very tight seat conditions were my only big complaints."
ايجابيات: "Airport staff were friendly, Flight crew were good. I was in an exit row so I can't comment much about normal economy, but my legroom was fine. lots of movies to choose from. Deplaned onto a bus, that took us right to the Transfer Security which saved me a recently long walk."
ايجابيات: "Nothing. Despite booking Qatar Airways for both legs the transfer distance is incredibly far. Only just made connecting flight!"
سلبيات: "Why does it take 2 hours to get all passengers on board? Why only one exit/ entry point to board/ disembark for an Airbus 440? The mist inefficient organization of passenger logistics you can imagine Hopeless airports..useless Airlines"
ايجابيات: "I have long stay in the DOha airport, 22 hours, and during this there is no accomodation is provided by Qatar airway"
ايجابيات: "Very attentive flight attendants-very courteous and responsive to all of the folks sitting in the "cheap seats"."
سلبيات: "Nothing to complain about in the entire process from ticketing through flight and disembarkment"
سلبيات: "We could not watch anything as my wife and my screen did not work."
ايجابيات: "It is an average economy flight. Crew was very attentive and helpful. Service was excellent."
سلبيات: "Not much to say for an economy flight. Comfort is always compromised regardless of airline. It gets worse as the flight is longer."
ايجابيات: "Timely response on the phone."
سلبيات: "Timely response on the phone."
ايجابيات: "The was very hospitalty"
سلبيات: "Every thing was amazing"
سلبيات: "Very uncomfortable seats- Space between seats is very tight"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "In their Business Class they only had two shower room and they wait was 7 hours! I now totally dont trust Kayak and it's ratings. Qatar Airways sucks!"
ايجابيات: "Plane"
سلبيات: "The crew have very strong accent which makes difficult to understand them, but they are very nice and helpful"
سلبيات: "Almost missed my flight. I had to take a bus, go through a transfer check, and then take a train to the gate, which got me there so late (even with running) that they were calling my name (and a few others) over the loud speaker."
ايجابيات: "Departed n arrived on time"
سلبيات: "Small old plane crow were tired I think"
ايجابيات: "Amazing airline with excellent crew and ground staff ever willing to help!"
ايجابيات: "2 bag checks allowed and being giv n th option to check in an additional carry on at no charge."
سلبيات: "Boarding was hodge-podge. Seats are way too close together for a long haul...person's tray in front of me was in my face the entire trip and she didn't bother inclining throughout so had to eat my meals like a contortionist. Cramming more seats into a finite space seems to be what all airlines are doing these days. This of us whom are above average in height are forced to insure a more painful and uncomfortable flight as a result."
ايجابيات: "I was the third person in the line. The ticket agent couldn't find my ticket as multiple tickets were booked on my name and all tickets showed X mark. After 20-30 minutes of wait, I finally got my ticket but the security and custom lines were very long by that time. Never flying Qatar again."
ايجابيات: "Qatar Airlines - overall was excellent, having flown many times over the Atlantic and Pacific"
ايجابيات: "Entertainment"
سلبيات: "The crew has no control over passengers. Specifically, it is the cabin supervisors responsibility to maintain order on the flight. Everyone before boarding, during boarding and during the flight kept sitting in incorrect seats, no boarding passes checked. Felt like a zoo on the airline. Very disappointed."
سلبيات: "N/A"

On board WiFi did not get connected.

ايجابيات: "Nope"
سلبيات: "No social distancing, very bad"
ايجابيات: "Great new airport. Friendly staff. Traveled with them before and will again. Great rate and 2 bags!"
ايجابيات: "excellent crew, food entertainment and seats"
سلبيات: "They were the best among the airlines I ever used"
ايجابيات: "Everything. They were polite fast and never condescending to passengers."
سلبيات: "I could of wish they would have been a little more stern with some passengers."
ايجابيات: "great food, nice staff, and on time"
سلبيات: "At Tashkent Turkish air had no personnel to resolve problems. Our luggage was very damaged and after waiting for almost an hour, we had to leave the airport"
ايجابيات: "The check in assistant put us on an earlier flight to Istanbul we didn’t mind as our next flight was at 8pm so had hoped to leave the airport."
ايجابيات: "Friendly staff, good Turkish food, plenty of movie choices, etc. Overall good."
سلبيات: "Seating space just too small for tall people: elbow room and front distance (awkward eating with long arms in confined space). But This is standard for most airplanes in economy class."
ايجابيات: "Good entertainment options. Good food."
سلبيات: "Bumpy landing"
سلبيات: "Turkish Airlines apparently cancelled the trip for us. They blamed Justfly and Justfly blamed Turkish airlines. Problem is still unresolved. I am stranded in a foreign country with my family including 2 small kids. Vacation is ruined. I booked this flight on Kayak with Just stfly. Awful, awful experience and no one seems to care. And problem is still unresolved. So thanks for asked for asking but better to fix the problem!"
سلبيات: "The air conditioner on the plane was not working making the flight uncomfortably hot the entire flight."
ايجابيات: "They take great care of their customers"
سلبيات: "Shake all the time,vomited"
ايجابيات: "Comfortable seats, good meal, good video options, high quality crew"
سلبيات: "finding check-in area was confusing"
ايجابيات: "Great to watch live sports. Loading was fine. Food terrible. Staff ok."
سلبيات: "Istanbul airport is so overpriced, crowded and small."
ايجابيات: "Ahead of time, all the way!"
ايجابيات: "Overall it was good."
سلبيات: "The crew is really not aware of how to deal with passengers of various levels. They don't seem to have the sense of responsibility..."
ايجابيات: "Asian Vegetarian meal was good."
سلبيات: "Seats with less leg room . No WIfi facility at the gate ."
ايجابيات: "Everything"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Our flight from CAIRO was delayed for 3 and half hours. We missed our flight to Chicago. The Staff at Istanbul airport were very very unhelpful and rude. They did not try at all to find an alternative route for us. The lack of empathy and understanding was astounding. NEVER TURKISH AIRLINES AGAIN!"
ايجابيات: "Luggage policy, helpful ground and air crew. Price."
سلبيات: "IST stoppover, damaged luggages."
سلبيات: "Same thing happen with the kosher meal on the second flight."
ايجابيات: "Great food, great plane, shortest flight."
سلبيات: "The restroom is too narrow on this plane, at least the one I tried. They ran out of one entree since everyone wanted chicken and not the fish. They should know this and make more chicken available and less fish. But I tasted both and both entrees were good. The "sour cherry juice" is great."
ايجابيات: "N O T H I N G"
ايجابيات: "The for was good. The crew was attentive and professional."
سلبيات: "The leg room in the Washington-Istanbul leg was very small for a long haul international flight."
ايجابيات: "Excellent Service & On time Schedule"
سلبيات: "Seats too close"
ايجابيات: "The crew looked after the children on the flight giving them coloring books, milk and little things I noticed. Therefore the children on the flight didn't fuss a lot therefore they didn't disturb the other passengers"
سلبيات: "Lost the bag and will return it . Still discussing with them after five days. Promising to deliver each day but then not doing it. Miserable experience and do not recommend using this airline."
ايجابيات: "I liked the food , I also liked the tv we had in our chairs for us to watch movies"
سلبيات: "A lot of announcements, when they could've just done all of them at once"
ايجابيات: "Plane was more comfortable this time. I was able to put seat back a bit to sleep."
سلبيات: "Food choices were poor. For a long flight, it would be ideal to offer things for people with allergies. As a celiac, I was unable to eat most of what they offered me and there were not a lot of options. This is difficult on such a long flight."
ايجابيات: "The planes I flew in were very clean, comfortable and in great condition. I enjoy the seat space and comfort, good entertainment options with great quality entertainment system. The meals were also decent and we were even fed sandwiches on a short flight."
سلبيات: "We ran to the gate but we're turned away and spent 3 hours getting rebooked and to a hotel for the night."
ايجابيات: "always happy , great service,pilots are experts,smoothest and softest landings .i'm 49 years old been flying regularly since i was 2 best airline so far ."
ايجابيات: "Great food, comfortable seats, Caring staff, Good TV quality and programs."
ايجابيات: "Friendly Cabin crew Entertainment was above average."
سلبيات: "First of all I have tons of complaints regarding the airport at Istanbul. They have a poorly managed airport and it was so crowded. The cafeteria and places to eat around in the airport were horrendously expensive and they didn't have services like wifi(had to buy it for $8 an hour and it sucked) and drinking water. As per Turkish airlines, the staff in the airport were poorly equipped to deal with emergency situations such as snow. I was flying during the snowstorm and wasn't expecting my journey to be easy. But they should have increased their resources to help people out in such cases.Their help desk was crowded with almost 500+ of people all the time and they only had 2 people to answer their queries. Also, the staff couldn't understand English properly and seemed irritated when I was trying to explain things in English. I had to stand an hour on a line to get my temporary visa issued only to be referred to another line (yes! i waited for an hour to get to the desk and was told to go and sit in another effing line). It was also because most of the signs/boards in the area were written in Turkish only and I didn't know what they were saying. I had to pay for my own hotel during my transit because the line for the hotels was almost two miles long. And when I arrived at my destination, both my luggage went missing. The crew on board were nice and helping people. I do not blame my bad travel experience entirely on Turkish airlines however, the airport and airlines both are not prepared to deal with situations that are unexpected. I also realize the snow storm was the main factor behind everything however any airlines that boasts itself to be a top class international airlines should have means and resources to manage(at least try) their passengers and airport during any situation. No matter what I am never flying with Turkish airlines again."
ايجابيات: "Comfy plane overall, good and entertainment was good!"
ايجابيات: "food was excellent"
سلبيات: "Istanbul Airport could not tell me the gate of my connecting flight in a timely manner."
ايجابيات: "Nice clean airplane. Lots of good food and amenities for the price"
سلبيات: "Staff is a bit rude"
ايجابيات: "The flight was smooth, the crew are very attentive, good choice of entertainment"
سلبيات: "Wish more legroom, but can't blame airline for that"
سلبيات: "My flight was supposed to leave at 3 am. Not was delayed till 4:30. I had only 25 minutes to catch the other flight. I made it last minute. I asked the Turkish airline representative at the gate if my bag is on the plane. He said "yes". When I arrived to London I couldn't fibd my bag. I spent more than an hour looking for it since the employee assured me it was loaded to the plane, the person who was waiting to pick me yo had to pay around 15£ parking and wait for one hour and a half. I arrived without luggage. I have everything in the bag, my umbrella, jacket, cloths, pajamas, underwater, everything... the allowance that Turkish Airlibe said they will give allowed me to only buy a Pajama. I am totally NOT satisfied. I will not travel on this Airlibe again"
ايجابيات: "I had two short flights with Turkish Airlines and on both flights I received good meals and entertainment. Young children in the seats around mine received shrink wrapped comic books and stuffed animals. Headphones were provided to those who needed them. I definitely did not expect such good treatment on such short flights. I really got the impression that they are trying hard to keep the quality of their services as high as possible. I really recommend these guys."
سلبيات: "N/A"
ايجابيات: "Stewardesses were friendly flight and plane accommodation was great they fed us even gave us little things like a mask to sleep better and slippers for feet to make us comfortable and a blanket and a pillow to make us comfortable and the seats were comfortable and they fed us three times"
سلبيات: "It's a long flight but obviously there's nothing they can do about that"
ايجابيات: "The price can't be beat for a quality, national carrier. The next highest price for my series of flights was $600 more and would have taken twice as long. Good food, good alcoholic beverages, great movies, and a nice crew too."
سلبيات: "Turkish Airlines was delayed over an hour. It seems like slight delays do happen with this airline; however, you do get what you pay for and I can't really complain much over a one hour delay given the ticket price."
ايجابيات: "They gave us a meal on a 2.5 hour flight and we were very surprised!"
سلبيات: "They boarded late and you had to take a shuttle to the plan. We drove to the plane and waited for 15 minutes in the cramped shuttle while they were putting another staircase to the plane and finishing prepping it. We left a half an hour late and the flight was already at 10pm. It was a pretty terrible experience! And the section of the Istanbul airport we were in was pretty dirty. Also the movie they played had two language options but no English which was disappointing."
سلبيات: "I lost my lagguge You"
ايجابيات: "flights on time.."
سلبيات: "Our pre-ordered meals were not served"
ايجابيات: "Excellent food. Excellent service. Very friendly people."
سلبيات: "Seating was a little cramped... Like all airlines today."
ايجابيات: "On one of the flights I had no one next to me, so I could be more comfortable. I feel great when that happens. Also, the food is always great and the staff very friendly. You are my favourite airline. Lizzie"

Flight delayed 5 hours

ايجابيات: "Terrific hot breakfast in bus. class"
سلبيات: "Window did not darken like the others."
سلبيات: "It's KLM. What else do you need to know."
ايجابيات: "Services is good ."
سلبيات: "Food can be better"
ايجابيات: "Information sharing by pilots and crew. Economy class leg room is good."
سلبيات: "All good up to the level"
ايجابيات: "15 years ago I told myself not to fly Delta anymore. But these 2 flights Detroit to Amsterdam and back changed my mind. I enjoyed the flight very much and I'm looking forward to the next one."
ايجابيات: "The crews were pretty great!"
سلبيات: "The regulating of the temperature."
ايجابيات: "Staff were professional and polite."
سلبيات: "Despite zone boarding, boarding and disembarkation were very slow. Passengers like me with flight connections were very anxious regarding missing these."
ايجابيات: "Everything works and quick to get to destination."
ايجابيات: "very nice crew"
سلبيات: "my baggage was lost"
سلبيات: "I was seated next to the restroom, which is not a pleasant experience for an international flight."
ايجابيات: "Crew great, boarding at Nice very organised, boarding in Amsterdam not so organised!"
سلبيات: "A queuing system would be better-it was a bit disorganised at Amsterdam!"
سلبيات: "1. In Flight Entertainment 2. Controlled In Flight Temperature"
ايجابيات: "the trip was excellent and comfortable. LOved the windows that shaded out rather than the having to pull down the plastic blind. entertainment on board top notch screen huge One hostess , Helen was absolutely fantastic and the best I ve had on my many trips. I will recommend KLM whenever I can"
سلبيات: "the headrest is hard. Apart from that- all was fine"
ايجابيات: "Good for both."
سلبيات: "Bigger seats."
ايجابيات: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."
ايجابيات: "Crew was great and professional."
سلبيات: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
ايجابيات: "Crew was pleasant but not attentive to detail. Bypassed is completely for snack and drink towards end of 9 hour flight!"
سلبيات: "Pay attention to passengers."
ايجابيات: "Being fed was amazing and watching free TV was great!"
سلبيات: "I wish there were personal fans because it got uncomfortably hot sandwiched between people"
ايجابيات: "very attentive crew"
سلبيات: "Only ham sandwiches on offer! I'm not demanding and would have been happy with cheese."
ايجابيات: "Very good service, teh flight attendants made it as pleasant as possible, plane left on time"
سلبيات: "tough to sit on a plane for 9.5 hours"
ايجابيات: "Good comfortable seat with extra leg room. Pleasant crew."
ايجابيات: "Short flight and being able to escape from drunk belligerent Passenger on previous flight"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "NOTHING"
سلبيات: "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced."
سلبيات: "The flight advertised meals..a small pastry was served an hour into the flight. I asked when the meal would be and was told a few hours...which turned out to be breakfast..i wated all night for food that only came an hour before landing. Now hungrey and tierd.I.will not be flying klm ever again !!"
ايجابيات: "Restrooms clean, decent food and drink, nice cabin crew."
سلبيات: "No complaints"
ايجابيات: "The seats seemed to have more space on this plane which was nice."
سلبيات: "It felt strange that the crew members completely skipped over me when serving lunch and drinks. At least something as basic as water should be given to all passengers."
ايجابيات: "Everything was great! Crew incredible. They acknowledged my wife’s birthday and made her feel special. Food was ultra salubrious. Loved the big screen monitor."
سلبيات: "No complaints about anything."
ايجابيات: "More than adequate room, And very good service from a very professional staff. Head and shoulders abovevany American carrier, and several European lines I have flown."
سلبيات: "Can't think of anything."
ايجابيات: "Great"
سلبيات: "Great"
ايجابيات: "Nice to have a wrap for the snack."
سلبيات: "Would have preferred boarding by row - back of the flight first so would have been more organized."
ايجابيات: "We got a meal for a 1h flight only"
سلبيات: "No entertainment but normal for this type of flight"
ايجابيات: "Really friendly staff. Great service"
ايجابيات: "Service, technology"
سلبيات: "Could not print by boarding card and was not allowed to board in Amsterdam"
ايجابيات: "The aircraft was clean"
سلبيات: "The food was terrible, wifi was extremely expensive (Delta had free messaging over their wifi)"
سلبيات: "Delayed!"
ايجابيات: "Good flights. Good prices."
ايجابيات: "My bagage broke"
سلبيات: "I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it"
سلبيات: "Tiny old cramped plane."
ايجابيات: "Cabin Crew was awesome."
سلبيات: "Entertainment System was not working and no Non-veg food option in flight."
ايجابيات: "staff was fine"
سلبيات: "old old plane, very uncomfortable. Tiny bad screen made movies pointless"
سلبيات: "OLD OLD plane with hard seats and tiny screens"
ايجابيات: "Loved the service...everything was excellent"
سلبيات: "The bus class seat was a bit narrow at the feet"
ايجابيات: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
سلبيات: "Nothing."
سلبيات: "That I was forced to check my baggage. I never received a chain ticket for my luggage. The flight has a 32 hour layover and KLM lost my luggage and it was not found until a week after my arrival back home. I still have not received my bag at this time. The boarding crew was manually tracking who boarded and who didn't. It was a cluster."
ايجابيات: "That we didn't crash"
سلبيات: "Being delayed and missing my connecting flight. No entertainment onboard (for hours and hours)."
ايجابيات: "The constant supply of food that was offered to you. The crew was nice and always helpful."
سلبيات: "The process of boarding in Amsterdam was not organized and felt more stressful than it needed to be."
ايجابيات: "Wide selection of entertainment, food was good."
سلبيات: "Boarding unorganized, but that may have been more of a passenger issue then KLM"
ايجابيات: "No entertainment or food needed on a half hour flight. Otherwise excellent."
سلبيات: "Nothing​"
ايجابيات: "A nice short flight"
سلبيات: "We had booked business on our flight to Milan, and it was extremely disappointing that on this sector they put us on the last seat in the back of the plane. There were plent of seats on this flight that had extended legroom. A bit of a mystery, why Westjet elected to put usin the last seats on the plane?"

It was so hot. No pillows were available and when asked for a blanket instead there were no blankets available as well

سلبيات: "The food was very poor and tasteless , too much bread and it was cold. The choices of movies was poor."
ايجابيات: "I was a nice flight"
سلبيات: "If was more internment would be better"
ايجابيات: "Loved the available movie collection, as well as the food and the experience overall."
سلبيات: "How you book for me two tickets and you take the money for same day going and retuning"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Seat comfort"
ايجابيات: "Crew was good."
سلبيات: "Business class is very basic. Flatbed seats, but they are side by side, like economy. So if you have a window or center seat, you have to climb over someone to get out to use the bathroom. Very annoying, especially for the person being climbed over."
ايجابيات: "Timing and Food"
سلبيات: "Out of 50 international flights in the past 5 years, this is the first time on EGYPTAIR. They lost one piece of luggage."
ايجابيات: "Timing"
سلبيات: "Seats"
ايجابيات: "every thing"
ايجابيات: "The crew were very friendly"
سلبيات: "The airplane was too old and uncomfortable"
سلبيات: "OUr departing flight was delayed almost 1 1/2 hours, resulting in a missed connection in Cairo -- this is not uncommon. The connecting flight waited 6 minutes, then left us. Arranging an alternative (through Rome & onward by late evening) was done , but no one was at the transfer desk for an hour."
ايجابيات: "The crew was friendly and very responsive. They were making sure that everyone is comfortable."
سلبيات: "The cabin was a bit cold at the beginning but was adjusted once I brought it up to the attention of the crew"
ايجابيات: "Food"
سلبيات: "Not water being spilled on me, but I still enjoy the flight. Thank you."
ايجابيات: "Very Good service"
ايجابيات: "Crew wasnice"
سلبيات: "Plane was old, toilet was disgusting no soap, no personal entertainment option. Food was ham and cheese no other options"
ايجابيات: "Crew was friendly and helpful"
سلبيات: "Lack of variety of entertainment movies, shows etc. No WiFi connection. Bathrooms were very dirty"
ايجابيات: "NA"
سلبيات: "The crew was horrible I will never take Egypt sort again. Flight attended spilled hot tea on me and didn’t even apologize, I acknowledge it was both our fault but at least he could of provided a napki g so I could dry off. Horrible I will never recommend this airline"
ايجابيات: "Good crew"
سلبيات: "Entertainment Luggage claim Food"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Flight v delayed"
سلبيات: "The boarding time was delayed. The boarding process could have be more streamlined."
سلبيات: "Raising this for complain actually about egypt air ground staff in kuwait and the transite desk which gave me wrong information as the ground personal working for egypt air which case losing my suitcase for 4 days of my vacation. None of them were welling to do ther job as the flight were delayed"
ايجابيات: "The pilot"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Quick check in"
سلبيات: "Chairs legs do not extend enough"
ايجابيات: "Food is good. Staff excellent. Trip was smooth"
سلبيات: "Plane was really old. They desperately need to upgrade their fleet."
سلبيات: "I couldn't get my boarding passes online or at the airport kiosk after already checking in online before getting to the airport. I had to wait over an hour in line at the checkin desk just to get my boarding passes. The boarding process in Cairo was even more chaotic with unnecessary multiple disorganized checkpoints and line ups."
ايجابيات: "Simplicity"
سلبيات: "Long waiting time"
ايجابيات: "This flight was on time and the in-flight service was really nice. I really appreciate it when Egypt Air flights are on time. Thank you."
سلبيات: "45 minutes to get my bag!"
ايجابيات: "Not much."
سلبيات: "Crew not attentive not trying to give the extra service that you pay so much money for. Food options hopeless. No welcome no introduction. Nondrink on arrival. I could’ve sworn that I was in a budget economy section. Old Shaking plane. Other than a business class seat you get nothing."
ايجابيات: "Clean and roomy"
سلبيات: "Poor food and entertainment system is unusable."
ايجابيات: "The food was good."
سلبيات: "Too tight aircraft, noisy and not stable at the sky."
ايجابيات: "Comfortable trip"
سلبيات: "Hot food not great"
ايجابيات: "Toilet was filthy shortly after arrival. Drop down tables needed to be wiped."
ايجابيات: "Ordinary flight"
سلبيات: "Late Small aircrart Very narrow Uncomfortable"
ايجابيات: "Food needs improvement"
سلبيات: "the cancellation of my return flight right after we boarded the flight. Had to change the return date without compensation from the airline for the hotel and food during the extra days they forced us to stay. we then had to push the return flight forward, trying to find a direct flight and good timing."
سلبيات: "The pilot was most defnitely smoking, air was circulated in the cabin."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Everything very poor business class"
ايجابيات: "Boarding and take off are on time. Landing was super."
سلبيات: "Not applicable."
ايجابيات: "Price was affordable . Short layover. Easy and good flight connection."
سلبيات: "Poor snacks."
سلبيات: "The pilot was excellent in take off and landing. He got us through some turbulence in a smooth excellent way"
ايجابيات: "Confortable seats, good entertainment, attentive flight crew"
سلبيات: "Pilot didn't clearly communicate what the issues were for our delay. Safety rules and regulations were ignored by passengers and not enforced by crew (people walking aisles while plane was taxiing, passengers without seatbelts on during takeoff and landing, etc)"
ايجابيات: "Great professional and fast"
سلبيات: "Couldnt take my camera in the hand bag which is unreasonable."
ايجابيات: "They have some interesting old films like Charlie Chaplin in their silver screen entertainment choices. Accommodating flight attendants."
سلبيات: "There did not seem to be any air vents to adjust for cooling down when I felt hot."
ايجابيات: "I liked everything .... planes, food, service, punctuality..."
ايجابيات: "I had checked in online and went to drop my check in bags at the counter. There was no baggage drop line - only economy and business class. I went to business class and said that I had checked in online and want to drop my bags and they gladly accepted it"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "It got me from point A to point B so it met the minimum requirements."
سلبيات: "Was late getting loaded and off the ground. The shuttle to/from airport & Abu Simbel was not identified in any way."
ايجابيات: "I end up upgrading my seats from economy to business class and made a very decision given the length of flight. Service was excellent and food was alright. The best thing were the seats as my whole family got to sleep 5 - 6 hours."

Food quality really need to be improved


Never again

ايجابيات: "Everything"
سلبيات: "All ok"
ايجابيات: "The ground staff from the help desk was helpful enough"
سلبيات: "I could have been rebooked a flight without having to pay for it. Who wants to lost his or her passport? It was very inconvenient and stressful for me, at least free rebooking would have ease my situation."
ايجابيات: "On the 15th. Nov during my flight to India, I have made an online check in though did not receive an e ticket. I arrived the airport 70 min before the flight. The crew on the check in counter refused to issue me a ticket and insisted that I have missed my plane abd I need to purchase a new ticket. They even refused to check if I have made an online chick in. The gulf air online system, did not show me that I have made an online checkin. Unfortunately, the problem was solved by asking someone who work in the airport ( not gulf airlines representative) to check if I have made and online check in and to issue me a ticket to pass through the security control"
ايجابيات: "One of the crew members was very happy and chirpy with all passengers. She was chatting and making sure everyone's needs were met and comfortable."
سلبيات: "Entertainment. Hollywood movies weren't working."
ايجابيات: "I' not sure which flight this relates to. I've taken economy and business class and clearly the business class is better but economy is fine. The crew were good in both classes and whilst the food in business was better I didn't have a problem in economy either."
سلبيات: "Check in was fine and very friendly but boarding could be better particularly in business. At Heathrow it was a bit chaotic as all classes seemed to be mixed up so it was difficult for priority passengers such as disabled to get through everyone crowded up to the desks and the same applied for business class as well. The IFE wasn't too bad but it could be better. Bahrain airport is a mess and the boarding gates seem to be more like corridors with seats in them so it's difficult again when they call for business class passengers as unless you are already at the front you have to try to work your way through. I believe the airport is being rebuilt. If so then things will probably improve. I'm not sure why there needs to be 2 security checks within a few yards of each other when transiting between flights. they don't have this problem in Doha."
سلبيات: "The food needs to improve and the movies are old. The actual flight was nice."
سلبيات: "Not lied to me about my extra being payed from Bahrain to Kenya because it was only payed to Dubai which is now causing me a lot of stress my flight from Dubai to Nairobi was cancelled while i was there without my knowledge"
ايجابيات: "Wheel service was excellent"
ايجابيات: "They are not as bad as their reputation states"
سلبيات: "Gulf air staff at cairo airport refused to give me the boarding pass of the 2nd flight while i was returning from cairo, while in dubai they gave me both boarding passes Although i told them the layover is under an hour Luckily bahrain airport accepts mobile check in and i barely caught the flight"
ايجابيات: "Customer service of vayama they did our request by providing wheelchair for my mother and flight was superb for Gulf air"
ايجابيات: "Short and sweet."
سلبيات: "The travel was cancell for orbiz fail"
سلبيات: "The boarding process could have been more smooth. The flight wasn’t comfortable. The crew wasn’t courteous and more rude. The food was not good at all."
ايجابيات: "The plane was super new and the flight was smooth and really great. The food was yummie."
سلبيات: "My luggage did not arrive at the airport in Istnabul and I hope I will get it back."
ايجابيات: "Trip from Bangkok to Bahrain flight was so good - service perfect - crew wonderful"
ايجابيات: "Coffe"
سلبيات: "Have to wait along time to get the tickets of the connection"
ايجابيات: "airplane."
سلبيات: "flt from Bah operated by Gulfair, so checked in with them. They were able to checkin bags to Manchester but not able to issue boarding card. length of flight when alternative is a direct flight from bah to lhr. Sinbad ffp website not easy. for a new aircraft the ife selection was very poor."
ايجابيات: "Boarding was easy and no delay in departure"
سلبيات: "The video sound wasn’t working in the return flight from Beirut to Bahrain"
ايجابيات: "Easy"
سلبيات: "Wow"
ايجابيات: "how convenient it is"
سلبيات: "The flight was held back for late arrival of some passengers which resulted in delay in departure"
ايجابيات: "I liked the info I was getting from the airline, through sms. And everything was on time."
سلبيات: "The in-flight entertainment was there but no headphones, which makes it useless. The flight was short but still."
ايجابيات: "The Staff were very courteous and worked efficiently during serving food and prompt when called for assistance."
سلبيات: "On my way from London to Bahrain the flight was having two toilets in non working condition through out the flight. So only two were operational. Whatever the issue was never fixed till we reached Bahrain."
ايجابيات: "Flight was delayed, so missed the connection. Was made to wait at Bahrain for more than 24 hours without any accommodation. Will never travel by gulf air again. It's the worst airline in the world."
ايجابيات: "Noisy and crowded"
ايجابيات: "The food was great the flight crew was attentive"
سلبيات: "My seats on both flights did not work and I flew buisiness class and expected to be comfortable which I wasn't . On arrival to Kuwait we waited 45 minutes for our bags which were labeled priority."
ايجابيات: "People, culture and peace"
سلبيات: "Traffic and crowd"
ايجابيات: "Service and comfort"
سلبيات: "Paying for the weight of each bag instead of the free 2 bag international allowance was absurd."
سلبيات: "food it could be better"
ايجابيات: "Crew"
سلبيات: "The Food Choices"
ايجابيات: "Crew"
سلبيات: "The Food choices"
ايجابيات: "Food and the crew"
سلبيات: "The air sucks in the flight"
ايجابيات: "Liked the professional boarding Very punctual take off & landing Very polite ground crew & helpful"
سلبيات: "Seats were cramped on the return leg Miles not automatically added.Has to be done at the airport .Forgot to do it with all the hustle & bustle. Food service by crew could be better.Needs more finesse System did not allow to order vegetarian food. Food not very palatable"
ايجابيات: "Good film selection, great beverage options."
سلبيات: "The sandwiches were pitiful. Not enough chicken salad for the bread and egg salad sandwiches for the children was a poor choice."
ايجابيات: "Crew and seats"
سلبيات: "Boarding delayed 1 hour and 1/2"
ايجابيات: "Overall good"
ايجابيات: "Everything!"
سلبيات: "Nothing."
سلبيات: "Crew was loud not professional."
سلبيات: "Although I do not have small children, I think it would be helpful to allow people traveling with small children to board a few minutes ahead of everyone else."
ايجابيات: "It looks there was a special enclosure for Indians. The passengers were made to board by ferryed by buses to board the plane by stairs. It was not easy by old people to climb along with hand bag."
ايجابيات: "The security check was horribly handled. There was a chance for missing the flight."
ايجابيات: "We landed safely and everyone got off the plane."
سلبيات: "Gulf air has decided to do "silent boarding" - so we were late boarding our flight because even though we watched the gate- it never filled up, there were never lines, no announcements, no lights signaling anything. Our captain took VERY sharp and hard dips and turns during our flight. He even dropped altitude so quickly that some women on board yelled out in terror. No announcements were made as well by the crew or captain regarding these very uncommon experiences of turbulence or announcements to remain with ones seat belt fastened. Finally, the man driving the bus from the plane to the door at Manama airport was too busy talking to the men who decided to sit in the front seat of the passenger bus and not look on the road in a busy air traffic area. I'm literally blown away at how everyone was safe and made it from point a to point b. I'm also horrified at the lack of communication or safety precautions."
ايجابيات: "Short flight. Nice crew."
سلبيات: "Small economy vlass"
ايجابيات: "Very smooth flight and excellent service"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Staff..."
ايجابيات: "Great all around very impressed with the crew!"
ايجابيات: "The crew is extremely attentive without being intrusive. They provided anything we requested. Food was excellent. The hot towels, mint lemonade, and dates before takeoff were great touches. The business class seats are the same ones I've seen in 1st Class on other carriers. Holding a business ticket earns you access to the Falcon Gold lounge in Bahrain where we also received excellent service and ate great food. They are clearly trying to earn recognition as a top airline."
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بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,056 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,064 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,071 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,079 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,082 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
13 س 35 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,277 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
10 س 25 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,296 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
13 س 35 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,303 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
10 س 25 دDMM-MCT
توقف واحدGulf Air
12 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,330 ﷼
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,378 ﷼
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,393 ﷼
بدون توقفالخطوط الجوية الملكية الهولندية
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفالخطوط الجوية الملكية الهولندية
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,401 ﷼
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دMCT-DMM
1,408 ﷼
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
13 س 50 دMED-MCT
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
8 س 30 دMCT-MED
1,449 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
12 س 45 دRUH-MCT
توقف واحدGulf Air
14 س 00 دMCT-RUH
1,453 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
14 س 05 دRUH-MCT
توقف واحدGulf Air
14 س 00 دMCT-RUH
1,457 ﷼
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
13 س 50 دMED-MCT
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
24 س 55 دMCT-MED
1,494 ﷼
توقف واحدSAUDIA
6 س 05 دMED-MCT
توقف واحدSAUDIA
6 س 10 دMCT-MED
1,655 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية التركية
28 س 05 دMED-MCT
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية التركية
17 س 30 دMCT-MED
2,225 ﷼
توقف واحدAir Arabia
17 س 30 دMED-MCT
توقف واحدAir Arabia
5 س 00 دMCT-MED
2,408 ﷼

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بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
506 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
513 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
517 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
562 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
566 ﷼
بدون توقفطيران السلام
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
592 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
14 س 50 دRUH-MCT
659 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
14 س 50 دRUH-MCT
674 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
14 س 50 دRUH-MCT
689 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
13 س 30 دDMM-MCT
697 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
21 س 10 دRUH-MCT
712 ﷼
بدون توقفOman Air
1 س 45 دDMM-MCT
715 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
6 س 25 دDMM-MCT
753 ﷼
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
4 س 10 دRUH-MCT
772 ﷼
بدون توقفOman Air
3 س 15 دJED-MCT
794 ﷼
توقف واحدSAUDIA
6 س 05 دMED-MCT
884 ﷼
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
7 س 05 دMED-MCT
959 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية القطرية
8 س 25 دRUH-MCT
1,180 ﷼
توقف واحدEgypt Air
14 س 20 دDMM-MCT
1,184 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية التركية
21 س 45 دJED-MCT
1,719 ﷼

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مسقط (MCT)عمان

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مسقط - المملكة العربية السعودية

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