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20 مايو — 27 مايو1
رحلة ذهاب وإياب
شخص بالغ
0 حقيبة
ج 20/5
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1,042 ﷼

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332 ﷼
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  • هل تبحث عن سعر رخيص لرحلة طيران إلى عمّان؟ عثر 25٪ من مستخدمينا على تذاكر إلى عمّان بالأسعار التالية أو أقل: من جدّة 447 ﷼ اتجاه واحد - 745 ﷼ ذهاب وعودة،من الدمام 332 ﷼ اتجاه واحد - 843 ﷼ ذهاب وعودة،من الرياض 406 ﷼ اتجاه واحد - 867 ﷼ ذهاب وعودة
  • احجز قبل 4 من الأسابيع على الأقل من موعد المغادرة لتحصل على سعر أقل من المتوسط.
  • High season is considered to be يونيو, يوليو and أغسطس. The cheapest month to fly from المملكة العربية السعودية is مارس.
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Aegean Airlinesدرجة التقييم الإجمالية بناءً على 3026 من التقييمات
7.9الصعود إلى الطائرة
6.7وسائل الترفيه
تقييمات شركات الطيران


اقرأ المزيد حول Aegean Airlines


ايجابيات: "Food and drinks!"
سلبيات: "Nothing, it was great"
سلبيات: "there was a problem with special assistance on the connection flight. Nobody was waiting at the end..."
ايجابيات: "Food was amazing"
سلبيات: "The food maybe"
سلبيات: "We had a delayed flight from Mykonos to Athens and the airflight company did nothing to help us."
ايجابيات: "On the 3.5hr flight they served drinks and a meal which was a surprise. The crew wasn’t that friendly. There was no in flight entertainment. The flight was only 30 mins late taking off."
سلبيات: "In flight entertainment. More courteous crew."
ايجابيات: "Pretty roomy seats, food and drinks included in the price."
سلبيات: "30 minutes late at the take off, but appreciate captain’s comment that airport was busy at the time."
سلبيات: "I have taken 5 flight with Aegean airlines in the last 3 weeks & not 1 of them left within an hour of the scheduled departure time. The delays in travel were unacceptable. We were 2 hours late to take off, when we landed it took 45 minutes to get off & another 30 minutes for bags to start showing up"
ايجابيات: "We were served a good little sandwich for a snack."
سلبيات: "We went though boarding only to stand in a long line for 10 minutes or more waiting to get into the plane. They could have started boarding later."
ايجابيات: "Comfortable flights. On time. Nice staff."
سلبيات: "Food was not great."
ايجابيات: "Good space between seats."
سلبيات: "Ha"
ايجابيات: "We didn’t crash."
سلبيات: "Everything else."
ايجابيات: "Roomy seats and good food"
ايجابيات: "The crew!"
سلبيات: "We were late"
ايجابيات: "Great staff, easy boarding, clean and the entire crew was well trained and professional."
سلبيات: "The seat backs are hard and there is very little knee room"
ايجابيات: "The food and the crew"
سلبيات: "The flight was delayed 2 hours"
سلبيات: "Flight was late two hours..."
ايجابيات: "We had a nice comfortable flight and were delighted to receive the complementary food and drinks."
سلبيات: "We were slightly delayed and found it difficult to understand some of the announcements from the crew."
ايجابيات: "On time!"
سلبيات: "40 mins inside the plane before departing with temperature 30 Celsius when aircondition not functional"
سلبيات: "Limited space. Unacceptable"
ايجابيات: "the most beautiful highly skilled attendants! On time flight in every segment. Awesome value for price, Olympic airlines is 55555+ I hope to visit Crete again soon and use this airline."
ايجابيات: "I would tell the boarding man (C. G..?..) that I know that TIME IS MONEY, and for that I pay my money to the air lines to help in doing my stuff (like boarding) GENTLY and respectfully. Actually, when I noticed this from you twice, I had an embression that the passport nationality harms you.... Any way, thank you."
سلبيات: "Food was good. Chairs were clean and relatevly good. Thank you"
سلبيات: "Connection flight was not accessible because of the arrival delay. Airline staff did not help at all."
ايجابيات: "I like the people and the crew and the plane."
سلبيات: "That my bags had to be checked for an outrageous price of 50 euros per bag."
سلبيات: "5 hours delay"
ايجابيات: "Clean plane, good snacks and coffee, etc., smooth flight."
سلبيات: "Check in at Budapest was chaotic and disorganized; when we arrived at the check in desk after waiting twenty minutes we were told we couldn't check in there, but had to check in at a kiosk and return."
ايجابيات: "Very good"
ايجابيات: "It was on time"
سلبيات: "It had business class and we were told it did not when we booked"
ايجابيات: "Great flight great price"
ايجابيات: "The flight was on time The boarding process was acceptably efficient The fight attendants were nice and responsive There was a meal served and plenty of beverages"
سلبيات: "The plane did not arrive at the terminal. Required going down stairs, riding a bus to the terminal."
ايجابيات: "Once we landed in Athens, knowing that our next flight would be taking off in 5 minutes, we thought ther was no way that we'd make it. Instead, they had someone waiting for us when we got off of the flight and someone to run all 11 of us through the airport to the plane. Aegean held the flight because they knew 11 people from the Santorini flight were coming."
سلبيات: "Once on the plane, we ended up sitting there for another 30 minutes, even though it was already 20 minutes late waiting for us. When I asked the stewardess whether that meant that our bags were going to make the flight she said she'd have to check. She never came back. I then asked a second girl and she said that she'd have to check and she never came back. I finally asked again before landing and she supposedly went and asked someone and came back and said yes they made it. Got to baggage claim - no bags. We had another flight to catch back to the states, so we didn't have time to figure out the situation. We spent the next three days frantically calling Aegean, to no avail. Their customer service either wouldn't answer or would tell us to call London Heathrow lost and found, who wouldn't answer. Eventually, Delta found our bags and had to work with Lufthansa and their own boots on the ground at LHR to find the bags and get them back to us."
سلبيات: "Couldn't easily buy checked baggage beforehand so had to pay at the check in counter. The self check in kiosks did not work at CDG airport."
ايجابيات: "The best crew ever, they make you feel home."
ايجابيات: "The plane was hot (NO AIR) while boarding and during taxi"
سلبيات: "The plane was hot (NO AIR) while boarding and during taxi"
سلبيات: "Procedures for handling sick elderly passenger. One crew member should take initiative and deal with sick person and handle calling for a doctor on board ."
سلبيات: "Delay 1 hour and 20 minutes at departure"
سلبيات: "Delays...."
ايجابيات: "Clean, smooth, on time"
سلبيات: "Not interesting"
ايجابيات: "the service food and punctuality"
سلبيات: "Chaotic loading typical of Greek airports."
ايجابيات: "The meal was very good and service"
سلبيات: "They made us pay 90€ even though I presented an email that said our bags were included"
ايجابيات: "Great airline and a star Alliance member, will fly again for sure"
سلبيات: "I was surprised (like many other) that the ticket did not include any baggage. The cost for the baggage at the counter was more than double of the cost on the web site."
ايجابيات: "Did not feel like a budget airline. Great service."
سلبيات: "connection Athun to Ionnina was late , we lost the connection flghit nobady really helped us They sent us to wait to the flight next day After a lot of talking and shouting !!! they let us fly to Thesaloniki , so we lost a day driving to Ionnina at the return ther was a missunderatandig regarding the availibility at the flight"
سلبيات: "RUDE SERVICE"
ايجابيات: "Good seat room."
سلبيات: "Boarding in TLV was a zoo. they could do better!"
ايجابيات: "Very good"
سلبيات: "Nothing"

Never again. Lost my item because of their stupidity

ايجابيات: "Good evening, this is Sarah Al-Makhlouf. I booked a ticket from your website, but it happened to me a great deal. My ticket was from Riyadh to Bahrain, but when I went to the airport, I could not get on the plane, and the reason was that the flight was going to Dubai, not to Bahrain. Is there any solution to this issue, And where is my money? I will send you the ticket in the e-mail, and at the airport they said that it is not strange on your site that the traveler falls into this problem, how can you sell tickets to a particular destination without making sure, who bears the responsibility now?"
سلبيات: "Good evening, this is Sarah Al-Makhlouf. I booked a ticket from your website, but it happened to me a great deal. My ticket was from Riyadh to Bahrain, but when I went to the airport, I could not get on the plane, and the reason was that the flight was going to Dubai, not to Bahrain. Is there any solution to this issue, And where is my money? I will send you the ticket in the e-mail, and at the airport they said that it is not strange on your site that the traveler falls into this problem, how can you sell tickets to a particular destination without making sure, who bears the responsibility now?"
ايجابيات: "Loaded passengers quickly with so many issues at the airport"
سلبيات: "No thought to seating and how they change and scatter families in different places not too far from each other. Plus seats were confirmed."
ايجابيات: "Everything"
سلبيات: "All ok"
ايجابيات: "Once we were in the air (see below), everything was very good."
سلبيات: "Poor organisation at the airport (maybe notGulfAir's fault). Flight slightly delayed. Gate changed at last minute, board said "Boarding now", but we then waited something like 30 minutes at the new gate to actually start boarding."
سلبيات: "Was a good experience"
ايجابيات: "Airplane very comfortable"
سلبيات: "Nothing!!"
ايجابيات: "Crew was very nice in business. Very helpful and catering to every need."
سلبيات: "The entertainment. Hollywood movies were not working."
ايجابيات: "Wheel service was excellent"
ايجابيات: "They are not as bad as their reputation states"
سلبيات: "Gulf air staff at cairo airport refused to give me the boarding pass of the 2nd flight while i was returning from cairo, while in dubai they gave me both boarding passes Although i told them the layover is under an hour Luckily bahrain airport accepts mobile check in and i barely caught the flight"
سلبيات: "If there was no bus to the aircraft."
ايجابيات: "Pleasant crew."
سلبيات: "Nothing."
ايجابيات: "Crew was good"
سلبيات: "As always the seats were tight."
ايجابيات: "Good crew , good service"
سلبيات: "The services could be best."
سلبيات: "The boarding process could have been more smooth. The flight wasn’t comfortable. The crew wasn’t courteous and more rude. The food was not good at all."
سلبيات: "Boarding took too long"
ايجابيات: "The airplane was clean an good and the crew was nice"
سلبيات: "The food could be better."
ايجابيات: "The plane was super new and the flight was smooth and really great. The food was yummie."
سلبيات: "My luggage did not arrive at the airport in Istnabul and I hope I will get it back."
ايجابيات: "I got a business class upgrade and it was amazing!"
ايجابيات: "Wonderful crew - flight good"
سلبيات: "Business customers going to Jeddah should have special counters and transport Boarding for business class should be with better treatment"
ايجابيات: "Coffe"
سلبيات: "Have to wait along time to get the tickets of the connection"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Meal options and snacks, good crew staff. And relatively comfortable seating. The plane waited for us because of the earlier delayed flight, though we prefer to have been given the option to stay the night and catch the next morning flight."
سلبيات: "The flight got delayed from Alexandria and the staff at Manama airport directed us to a counter to get our onward boarding passes but another senior member of staff asked us "what are you doing here" and asked us to go straight to the gate, then when we arrived at Abu Dhabi the baggage did not arrive with us and we had to go back to the airport later to pick them up."
سلبيات: "onboard entertainment is very limited"
ايجابيات: "how convenient it is"
سلبيات: "Good but delayed"
ايجابيات: "fast boarding, got the luggage quickly."
سلبيات: "nothing"
ايجابيات: "Subcontinent flights are substandard.. Crew are indifferent.. Taking this flight only because it is direct non stop"
سلبيات: "Subcontinent flights are substandard.. Crew are indifferent.. Taking this flight only because it is direct non stop"
ايجابيات: "Flight was delayed, so missed the connection. Was made to wait at Bahrain for more than 24 hours without any accommodation. Will never travel by gulf air again. It's the worst airline in the world."
ايجابيات: "The crew was efficient and anxious to please. The flight was on time."
سلبيات: "Boarding by bus is always unpleasant."
ايجابيات: "They delivered as requested"
سلبيات: "They are probably overworked with minimum crew as they are not too friendly and don’t seem happy when a passenger makes requests"
سلبيات: "While we waited in line (Group 2), we were bypassed several times by members of higher Groups, Problem with gate staff in London."
ايجابيات: "The food was great the flight crew was attentive"
سلبيات: "My seats on both flights did not work and I flew buisiness class and expected to be comfortable which I wasn't . On arrival to Kuwait we waited 45 minutes for our bags which were labeled priority."
ايجابيات: "Everyone was professional and helpful"
سلبيات: "Paying for the weight of each bag instead of the free 2 bag international allowance was absurd."
ايجابيات: "All but planes were good"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "In general, good and clean."
ايجابيات: "Crew"
سلبيات: "The Food Choices"
ايجابيات: "Nice crew and good service"
ايجابيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Every thing"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "The crew is nice and very responsive."
سلبيات: "The food quality is low. The available onboard entertainment is very limited."
ايجابيات: "Not much."
سلبيات: "Buses took ages when boarding and disembarking."
ايجابيات: "Quick and efficient"
سلبيات: "Too short of a flight for much to evaluate"
ايجابيات: "Crew and seats"
سلبيات: "Boarding delayed 1 hour and 1/2"
ايجابيات: "Everything went well."
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Service was good !! Nice aircraft and nice staff."
سلبيات: "We did not like the via flights, its really too much hectic."
ايجابيات: "Being able to watch new releases. The food was good."
سلبيات: "Times we ate took too long. We were on a 10+ hour flights and it would've been better if we ate more. No leg room in your Isle, you must become a stick and not move, become one with the plane. In Bahrain they force us to cancel our flight and charged us extra 600+ USD to move the flight to the next day. Even though I paid for insurance, then I had to pay an extra 20BD for my wife to leave the island, and it took 2 hours to tell us we owe 20BD... Bahrain is a place I would not like to return."
ايجابيات: "The food and services in Bahrain airport and in plane"
ايجابيات: "N/A"
سلبيات: "Flight was overbooked and I was forced to delay 24hrs for the next available seat."
سلبيات: "Although I do not have small children, I think it would be helpful to allow people traveling with small children to board a few minutes ahead of everyone else."

I liked that at check in, the supervisor was helpful in getting me my PCR test at the airport before checking in. What could have been better was not overbooking the flights, it was too crowded on the plane. Also the food choices were not good. Or the dessert choices. A better quality meal could be served.

ايجابيات: "ThAt i left erbil"
ايجابيات: "Crew members"
سلبيات: "More comforting seats!"
ايجابيات: "Great flight, on time, wonderful food and friendly flight attendants"
سلبيات: "Everything was perfect!"
ايجابيات: "Food was wonderful. Seats in Crown class were very comfortable."
ايجابيات: "Crew was not helpful they also spoilt my luggage"
ايجابيات: "Not much really"
سلبيات: "Delayed departure; departure fate kept changing; long time waiting on the bus"
سلبيات: "Flight was an hour early"
سلبيات: "Absolutely the worst flight and airport I have ever experienced. I will never travel royal Jordanian ever again!"
ايجابيات: "The flight crew and cockpit crew were amazing and they did their job professional and kindly way."
سلبيات: "Every thing was great."
ايجابيات: "Friendlty crew"
سلبيات: "Everything else"
ايجابيات: "The flight schedule was better than any other carrier. The flight crew was very helpful."
سلبيات: "The space between rows really seemed much narrower than a year ago."
ايجابيات: "The flight was great. The crew was wonderful as we were traveling with a wheelchair. I will definitely fly Royal Jordanian again."
ايجابيات: "The seats, staff and food were great!"
سلبيات: "I was traveling with a resin in a wheelchair and it was a little chaotic"
سلبيات: "Nothing staff was wonderful"
سلبيات: "They won’t reimburse us for our flight that they canceled.. HORRIBLE and will never fly with them again."
ايجابيات: "The flights were on time."
سلبيات: "Food could have been better. ."
ايجابيات: "It is on time. Nice aircraft and crew."
سلبيات: "The breakfast needs improvement."
ايجابيات: "Flight timing"
سلبيات: "Old aircraft, very noisy, old uncomfortable seats, food and entertainment"
ايجابيات: "Everything was excellent. After reading some reviews I was a bit reluctant but every was great on board. Great crew with great food."
ايجابيات: "All are okay"
سلبيات: "Nothing majer Food is simple - sandwich"
ايجابيات: "Crew exceptionally nice"
سلبيات: "Can’t turn off the screen"
ايجابيات: "Boarding was no frills and quick, service onboard the plane was an orange juice, however, it’s a 45 min flight and didn’t expect much else. No entertainment onboard."
سلبيات: "This grievance has to do with AMM airport. If you have a connecting flight, you will have to clear customs with your hand luggage and go to departures, you will have to go through security checks again and passport control, our connecting flight was 35 mins from arrival and we had to run to make it."
سلبيات: "They did not offer snacks nor drinks in between the first meal and the last meal ,which was a duration of 8 hours in between."
ايجابيات: "I travelled by my myself from Heathrow to Amman on a direct flight. The staff at every stage were polite and helpful, the food and in-flight entertainment were good especially for a 5 hour flight, the seats were comfortable and the toilets clean. Everything was on time and I had no problems with my luggage. I would happily fly with RJ again."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Entertainment unit had only movies from early 2000 Staff are not friendly at all and the food was a joke for a national airline."
ايجابيات: "I was surprised today that they did not bring the Embrer aircraft. When ever that happens, I am delighted. The RJ Emberer is the worse aircraft configuration."
سلبيات: "The RJ fleet is in need to get new aircrafts and an upgrade of their protect is important."
ايجابيات: "Very enjoyable trip and crew was very polite."
سلبيات: "I actually didn't fly QR. My RJ light from TLV to AMM was delayed by approx 2 hours. I asked to be taken off the flight in order to fly the day after from TLV to LCA and take QR. However the RJ gate agents explained that there are over 40 people on the flight that need to take the QR from AMM and that the ties between RJ and QR are very strong and the QR flight will wait the necessary 15 minutes. However, as we landed in AMM we saw the QR aircraft push back 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled departure. We got stuck in AMM and the RJ people were nice but totally inefficient and claimed that they were limited by their corporate procedures. I asked to be put on an Etihad flight that was scheduled to leave 2 hours later and that would put me at the end of the day in MAA (my destination) around 2.5 hours later which was acceptable in my eyes. The transfer desk agent said he is going to arrange it, disappeared for 45 minutes and then came and told me this is already too late for Etihad (it was not) and anyway they cannot let me take Etihad since they are not a part of "One World". I argued a bit and he said ok went to teh back office and disappeared for another 20 minutes. at that point he came and told me that all is taken care of and here is my new flight and proceeded to show me an itinerary which took me through BKK to MAA but the AMM-BKK flight will leave only at 0130 at night (this was around 1430) and get to BKK in the afternoon tomorrow. Then I will have to wait in the airport another 8-9 hours to fly to MAA. hence 2 nights without sleep staying at airports. BTW, I was the only Business/first passenger but this did not confer on me any special treatment. I refused to take this route and at the end asked them only to get me back to TLV and there I will change the whole route and go tomorrow on QR from LCA. I had to wait at AMM airport until 2100 and only now - 2300 - reached home which I left at 0600 this morning. BTW, i don't think that they restored my ticket to its original form (which was a full QR ticket covering also the RJ and Pegasus flights. but I was too tired to argue. I will postpone my trip by one more day and change the route to avoid another debacle like this one. Also, I chatted with the QR people in Amman, and ithey claim that they were not told that the RJ from TLV had 40 passengers connecting through them. This is the absolute opposite of what the RJ people claimed. Last, all his is without even mentioning the issues this delay caused since I have people who came specifically for this, waiting for me in MAA and God only knows when I will manage to get there and whether or not they will wait for me. Guys, you have to do something about this. I am quite a regular flyer and this is the worst experience I had."
ايجابيات: "On time and very efficient"
سلبيات: "The food offering was poor"
ايجابيات: "Non stop service."
سلبيات: "Poor service. Rude and unprofessional staff. Not enough food or beverage service."
ايجابيات: "We left early and arrived early. Seats were more spacious than I expected for economy class. It was a short flight so there was no food service, just orange juice."
ايجابيات: "The flight was overall great. I very much liked the price, the fact that I was allowed to take two big suitcases, and the sitting was overall ok space wise. The crew was kind and the food was OK. I am very likely to make reservations with this airline in the future!"
سلبيات: "I did not like the fact that there was no WiFi on the flight. I also did not like the fact that the selection of movies was quite limited and not very recent. Finally, I did not like the fact that there was very little service on the flight. I would have liked to see more beverages (hot and cold) offered throughout the flight, and the clearing of meals done more rapidly."
ايجابيات: "Nice and spacious plane"
سلبيات: "Delayed boarding No wifi or no cell phone service once boarded, passengers should be told in advance they will not have service when boarded"
سلبيات: "Complex boarding Delay Did not inform us about a stop in canada even we book non stop flight and we surprise in last minuts on boarding that we have to get transit visa or we will not board"
ايجابيات: "Lights were closed so people were able to sleep."
سلبيات: "Food and bringing food was scarce. Crew seemed to not care about it much. Assumed they'd give more than 2 meals on an 11 hr flight, meaning no snacks at all were given and dinner was very light."
ايجابيات: "All"
سلبيات: "I'll was good"
ايجابيات: "Good service, comfortable aircraft and very good info entertainment"
سلبيات: "Waiting to take off from Heathrow airport."
سلبيات: "They lost my bag"
ايجابيات: "For the first time I was not woken up for dinner"
سلبيات: "The aircraft is really old..."
ايجابيات: "Modern aircraft"
سلبيات: "Food is terrible Service is marginal They serve a mediocre meal right after takeoff then you don't see them again until right before landing with a dry snack"
ايجابيات: "Good service, leaving on time"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Once found someone in the airport to explain how to get to international flights from the Domestic side of the airport, it was good."
ايجابيات: "The meals came at good times."
سلبيات: "The seats became uncomfortable after some hours, had to sit on my pillow."
ايجابيات: "Mr. Alkhatieb the head of crew offers a 2 hour crew seats to my mom"
سلبيات: "Extremly narrow seats , not comfortable at all .. RJ cew in check in desk was awful and the change our seat 3 times"
سلبيات: "Cabin Crew did not seem to want to be on that flight. One Question, why do you hire people who obviously do not enjoy their job?? In addition, I am sure there are better substitutes to the kind and quality of breakfast that could be made available."
ايجابيات: "Flight itself was great ... attentive service, nice airplane, food and beverages even when it's a short flight"
سلبيات: "Check-in in the Cairo airport: different lines led to large differences in processing time ... our line also processed business class which led to us taking over one hour for check-in (basically being the last one) and having to run through security even when we arrived rather early. No initiative by the check-in attendants to balance between the lines. When they opened two more counters to process check-in they only processed the 'fast' line. Pro tip: avoid the (economy) check-in line next to the business counter. This probably led to the second problem ... they gave us separate seats when traveling with a young child."
ايجابيات: "Everything went very well, it was on time, easy to board, not too crowded, but there were beers available on this segment. Even out bags came out near the beginning. the food was decent with three selections and the move selection was reasonable. They have their act together"
سلبيات: "No problems at all on this flight, they waited patiently for a few late arrivals and I am sure that for them it was greatly appreciated."
ايجابيات: "good service with a friendly crew. clean and comfortable."
سلبيات: "the food is not good at all (i had the vegetarian meal). the bread roll had mold on it. I would suggest boarding according to seats. when boarding all together you get stuck in line before and inside the plane itself."
ايجابيات: "Direct flight"
سلبيات: "Delays"
ايجابيات: "Great crew! Smooth flight!"
ايجابيات: "Was the crew amazing and overall was good"
ايجابيات: "The seats on the plane are fairly comfortable and the meals provided are good. Vanity kits handed out were good too"
سلبيات: "It starts off with a chaotic luggage check in. No order, the staff take breaks on a whim and leave long queues of passengers waiting to check in their bags. The cabin crew looked rather annoyed at us boarding the plane and didn't bother to smile or greet as we came on board. Since the flight was at 1:30am, we fell asleep almost immediately however the cabin crew woke us up by vigorously shaking my shoulder to ask if we wanted food. The vanity kits were just thrown onto our laps while we slept. The on board entertainment system did not work on the entire plane for the duration of the flight."
ايجابيات: "I and other passengers of karachi decided that we will never book saudia arabia airline outgoing flight was quit better but inbound flight was worst than ever even saudia arabia refused to give airport meal in 6 hours stay to the people of karachi"
سلبيات: "Arabia air should fly on time and give same services as western cities to the flight of karachi Bording must be efficient all the girls are bad mannered on boarding counter"
ايجابيات: "All is good thanks saudia airline"
سلبيات: "Open new airport"
ايجابيات: "I don’t like the delay"
سلبيات: "Delay more than 3 hours"
سلبيات: "Food selection"
ايجابيات: "Aicraft was decent"
سلبيات: "They downt know what customer service is all about!"
ايجابيات: "Crew were great, seats were comfy. There eere less than 25 on an over 200 seat flight."
سلبيات: "The Airport was horrible, like from late 60's of last century in a 3rd world rural terminal !!! They did not offer me an upgrade, even though it was a very empty flight with lots of empty seats in the Business class section !!!!! Horrible..."
ايجابيات: "Crew was very helpful. Nice clean plane."
سلبيات: "Airport in Jeddah is not good. Bathrooms are way below standard."
ايجابيات: "Take off was on time. Food was good. Crew was professional."
ايجابيات: "The in-flight service was great. The flight crew was polite and courteous. Overall, the flight duration from Jeddah to NYC was bearable."
ايجابيات: "Food seat comfort"
ايجابيات: "The Saudi planes are relatively new and quiet. The seat pitch in coach is acceptable as there were plenty of empty seats on the flight. They offered free connection for texting apps which is nice to have. The entertainment selection was broad enough, but I did not use."
سلبيات: "The flight was delayed for over 3 hours without a good explanation. Saying a flight is late because of a late incoming flight is a circular argument - we're late because we're late."
ايجابيات: "Seating and entertainment"
سلبيات: "FooD"
ايجابيات: "Going through 3 security checks was cumbersome and gate information was incorrect otherwise great service."
ايجابيات: "Plane was very empty, service was amazing, brand new plane"
سلبيات: "Was great"
ايجابيات: "That I’m getting home"
سلبيات: "Everything- airport plane food"
ايجابيات: "I liked that there was an area for praying on flight. Also, I liked the food."
سلبيات: "My trip had two flights. The first one, from IAD to JED was the problematic one for me. I purchased the highest Internet package to finish some work on the flight. The service was terrible. I purchased 300MB for $25. I barely used less than 60MB in several hours of work because of terrible connection. Yet, when I complained to Saudia customer service, they insisted that there was no technical issue, refused to give me a refund, and did not even apologize. The transit in Jeddah's airport was terrible. The bathrooms are very dirty and smelly. In the return flight, we had an overnight stay in the airport. People typically need to sleep at this time. However, the airport was very crowded and, for so many people, there was not even enough seats to sit down."
سلبيات: "The e-Ticket wasn’t bought. I had to stay at the airport for 2 hours and finally no ticket was issued. Very disappointed. It’s my last experience with you."
سلبيات: "The saudia app is not functioning well . It gives me massage saying my resrevation did notgo throw then i get an email withh sadad # which dose not work. Then i uesed the desk top site to do the resrevation"
ايجابيات: "There was one crew member that talked to me for a little bit and was very helpful about planning my vacation and he was just a cool guy all around. And the food wasn’t bad!"
سلبيات: "The TVs on my first flight didn’t work, the headphones I got had one completely broken bud with no cover and the other didn’t work. And they put my luggage on the wrong plane so I have to wait an extra hour which caused me to miss my driver who was going to take me to my hotel! And to top it all off I was told to change clothes because they “weren’t appropriate”... it was just shorts and they went past my knees! I am a man and should be able to where shorts because they are comfy!"
ايجابيات: "Everything!!! Esp the lovely friendly helpful kind flight attendant ladies. Food was fantastic n restaurant quality!!!"
سلبيات: "Nil"
ايجابيات: "Good food n movies, comfy seats"
سلبيات: "Rough bumpy flight with no xplanations or apologies from crew n interval btw connecting flights too short"
ايجابيات: "Newer Planes - comfortable seats"
سلبيات: "No understanding of nuts and associated nut allergies - especially life threatening ones. 1. Pistachios left in seat pockets (my daughter has life threatening allergies from pistachio) - we explained to the stewardesses and the pilot came to - his answer was "SO WHAT" 2. Brownies served as dessert have traces of peanuts (my son has life threatening peanut allergies) 3. Dates served with nuts"
ايجابيات: "The seats are comfortable and the entertainment system is excellent. The flight staff where also very nice."
سلبيات: "I would have liked there to be snacks offered to passengers in between meals."
ايجابيات: "Food, cabin crew are very good"
سلبيات: "Transit in Jeddah..The airport is not organized and the staff too."
سلبيات: "Dear I try to cancal my flight I contect saudi airline they can't cancal it I try online no cancaltion I try with KLM on 24 they reply me on 25 .... I send you Email no reply ..... Or can't go through ...."
ايجابيات: "Aircrafts"
سلبيات: "Food and Jedah Airport"
سلبيات: "The terminal in Jeddah was the worst. There weren’t sufficient bathrooms for the number of flights/people passing through and the bathrooms were soaking wet. In addition, it rained and there were leaks in the roof all throughout the terminal. The water was literally pouring in non-stop. I advise anyone to avoid long layovers (or any layover) in Jeddah. The only positive aspect is there are a couple of good (small) coffee shapes and reclaimed chairs that are good for sleeping."
سلبيات: "No head phones"
ايجابيات: "Staff were friendly, aircraft were clean and comfortable, with the entertainment being as entertaining as it should be. Food was decent and baggage policy is nice and generous. Seats are comfortable with great legroom, and good width and pitch."
سلبيات: "Transiting at Jeddah (South terminal) on economy class is an AWFUL experience, I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It's just a small block with 6 or 8 gates inside it which is much too small for the amount of people who wait for those flights. It's really difficult to find anywhere to sit and there's no paid lounge in the South terminal. Facilities are very poor with no WiFi and filthy bathrooms. What's more, all parking positions at Jeddah are currently remote gates, so everybody is bussed to the planes. Hopefully this will all change, at least to some degree, when the rebuilt airport opens."
ايجابيات: "Nothing. I would never fly Saudia again and will tell my friends and family not go via saudia. This is my worst airline experience ever. Choosing saudia was a worst decision."
سلبيات: "The food was bad. The FA did not meet service expectations. You left all my luggages in Jeddah and when i asked help you promise to deliver it to my home before 12midnight. I am so tired and sleepy but i waited until 11pm cz i need my stuff and i have very important medicines there that i need to take tonight. When i called to check the location of my delivery, the driver just plainly said he will deliver tomorrow. I found this very unprofessional and no care about their customers. You gave your commitment to me to deliver before 12midnight, twice. 3 times including the airport personnel. I expected it tonight. Now u just change your mind and tell me you will deliver it tomorrow? I am working in a different city tomorrow morning and i travel via bus. It is an extreme inconvenience cz i will not be at home when u deliver and no one is left at my flat. Worst airline experience ever. I regret flying with Saudia. This is my first and last. Please just send my luggage urgent. Thank you."
سلبيات: "nothing"
سلبيات: "The connection was in a different terminal and there was not enough time as the air europa was late and we had to deplane far and had to shuttle to the terminal"
ايجابيات: "Everything"
سلبيات: "Mmmm.. let me see....perhaps ...well I can't think of anything..sry"
ايجابيات: "Easy booking and quick confirmation"
سلبيات: "Pre seat reservation which left us with no choice of changing seats"
ايجابيات: "No information given about the 90' delay"
سلبيات: "The flight delayed for more than 2 hours, they didn't provide any drinks or snaks"
ايجابيات: "Forbid is snack for the first three hour delay, then announced a 15 hour delay.. And passengers to hotels"
سلبيات: "Thier is no organized process for handling flight delayS, Jeddah airport is the worst terminal to depart from never the less have a flight delay at. Passport agents don't know what to do in a reverse process Not enough seats available for passengers to sit on in the terminal ended having me my wife and four children regretting traveling."
ايجابيات: "Felt like a 2 hour flight coming back from mecca."
سلبيات: "The first flight they delayed us for one hour or more then my layover increased by 6 hours. Overall i will still go back on saudi airlines"
ايجابيات: "staff were friendly."
سلبيات: "my flight was cancelled without letting me know the reason, although they offered me another flight (two hours later) but still clear reason should be mentioned. also seat was broken."
ايجابيات: "i had 5 hours lay over at Jeddah airport from midnight to early morning, there wasn't even bench to sit on. When I asked where shall we stay, the guy on boarding area showed me the floor. Also they transport passengers with outdoor bus that i don't have experience in other air ports. The airplane was also accessed outdoor and you have to climb steep lander. VERY INCONVENIENT IN EVERY ASPECT. I WILL NEVER USE THIS AIRLINE AND THE Jeddah CONNECTION NO MATTER IT IS CHEAPER. IT DOESN'T QUALIFY MODERN AVIATION. THE BOARDING STAFF WERE ALSO UNFRIENDLY. BAD EXPERIENCE. I CAUGHT COLD BECAUSE OF STAYING 5 HRS ON THE FLOOR."
سلبيات: "9 hr stopover in Jeddah because Saudi changed the flight time. Jeddah rated worst airport in the world. So no more Saudi airlines. EVER. thank you."
ايجابيات: "The staff and everyone was very nice and organized"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "The internal design of the plane is nice and food was great."
سلبيات: "There was careless from the crew to come and notice the assistant light turned on, which it was hard to call them. Also, the crew didn't give an important attention to put seat belt like any other airlines. They just mentioned it without any real checking. Also, the flight take off on time, more than 15 minutes late. Besides, the take off wasn't very good at all."
ايجابيات: "food and online checkin"
سلبيات: "comfort, outdated cabinet, entertainment"
ايجابيات: "Goood"
ايجابيات: "Adherence to the exact time"
سلبيات: "Changing our seats"

no comment

ايجابيات: "Today is the third day and my baggage is not received."
سلبيات: "Vistara Airline ground staff is unable to resolve my baggage claim problem in three days."
ايجابيات: "Very prompt. Nice crew."
سلبيات: "Comfortable enough seat could be better. Food Entertainment -there was none."
سلبيات: "My flght shouldn't have been rescheduled.... M facing lot of problems"
ايجابيات: "It was suck"
ايجابيات: "the flight was pleasant and the airport terminal was empty. Pure joy."
سلبيات: "boarding was not good, all times using buses. people inter plant from back entrance and front entrance and they meet at middle of plane with a lot of delay."
سلبيات: "This one has multiple problems: 1. First no one clearly tells you where to go for FlyDubai flight and you really have to fight your way to get this information. 2. Then when you know that you have to go to terminal 2 for this flight, it takes them minimum 45 minutes to transport you from emirates terminal to terminal 2. 3. FlyDubai staff in general is less courteous and cooperative than emirates. 3. T2 is minimally maintained terminal with even basic amenities missing in some parts of terminal. 4. It also feels less secure."
ايجابيات: "The best thing for fly dubai in kuwait is t have a standalone terminal."
سلبيات: "Late flight!"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "I'll never ever be involved with Kayak, FlyDubai, and that pathetic Flight Network again. In thirty-two years of international travel to 80+ countries, I have never dealt with such nonsense. Thanks to all for ruining my holiday"
ايجابيات: "Service everything"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "Nothing much. Flight was delayed and no apology was given."
سلبيات: "The food situation was weird. Only some passengers were given food. Also I didn't see any selection of movies."
ايجابيات: "Short stop over, direct flight"
سلبيات: "Very bad service with fly Dubai. No disclosure at time of booking that had to pay extra for in flight entertainment & meals. Staff did not provide blankets when asked. Very disappointed with Emirates. If you take responsibility for overall booking you should ensure the service is extended. Would not book Emirates again if this is what they offer."
ايجابيات: "I like the service.People are very helpful in the airport"
ايجابيات: "Screens weren’t working, rude staff members and huge queues at the airport! Am sticking with Emirates!"
ايجابيات: "It was on time"
سلبيات: "Service was good but no free food and beverage it is sad You could do better"
سلبيات: "The flight delayed for 1:40 minuets. The staff changed my seat wich I choosed when I booked."
سلبيات: "The travel agent I selected completely ruined my whole experience."
ايجابيات: "Price was good."
سلبيات: "The delay on our way to Dubai."
سلبيات: "Screen not working. 7F"
ايجابيات: "Plane was under half full"
سلبيات: "Boarded on time but sat on the ground over an hour with delay. Food not an option, no water"
ايجابيات: "There on time"
سلبيات: "Small space seats. Charge for everything even water sat on bus on tramas for half hour before boarding. Not good for 6 hr flight."
ايجابيات: "It was a short quick flight."
سلبيات: "It took a long time to check in and they lost my son's luggage."
ايجابيات: "I made it to my destinations (Amman and Dubai) safely."
سلبيات: "- Airport check-in line was ridiculous. Only two Fly Dubai agents working (1 for regular people and 1 for the crew) - Had to take a shuttle to board the plane. The plane wasn't ready/clean. Had to wait on said bus, packed like sardines for another 10-15 minutes. - Agents in Amman arrived late to the check-in desk and fumbled around for at least 10 minutes finding paper/logging-into the system etc. - MANY Customers stood up WAY before the pilot signaled it was safe. This has to be a safety regulation/problem. Flight attendants did nothing. - The screens/entertainment system on the flight didn't work. Absolutely useless."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "12 hours waiting in the airport without any reason! At the end they told us that they had no crew ready!!! During this waiting period they issued coupons for 1 toast bread with cheese and 1 soft drink !! To redeem the coupon was very humiliating !!! They did even appologize !! On the plane the crew was very rude, after all this wait an old lady wanted to change her seat for more leg room, they forbid her and asked her to pay for it , when she got upset they threatened her to drop her off the flight in a very rude way.... i will never go with flydubai again."
سلبيات: "This is not exactly a low cost airline because FlyDubai charges egular prices for BEG-DXB flights, therfore, passagers should be offered a complimentary drink and food on a 5 hours flight for the price we paid."
ايجابيات: "It was on time, which is always a good thing!"
سلبيات: "The check in agent was not very helpful. He said, "Would you like window or aisle?" I said, "Window please". He says, "there are no windows. I can give you an aisle." I said, "but you asked me if I wanted a window." He said, "you are too late" (as though it's my fault... but I was one of the earlier ones at check-in and was not able to check-in online!). He continues, "I can give you an aisle in row 23". I say, "okay". Then after I leave the check-in counter and look at my boarding pass it says I have seat 11B. Neither window or aisle! In addition, I flew this flight as part of an Emirates ticket and it was not cheap, and yet the FlyDubai segment did not include a meal."
ايجابيات: "We are arived safe"
سلبيات: "The attitude of the crew it was bad and the comportment very ignorant"
ايجابيات: "I like nothing"
سلبيات: "Even planket on the air craft for the frozen A.c. for old handicap pepole was paid !!! Not only bad survices no any surviced If ane passenger suffocated i think they will request paid bottle of water"
سلبيات: "The detailes of no survives and every thing that is paid only apear after confermation of booking .. Cheating deals"
سلبيات: "Simply that was a bus .... not a plane!"
سلبيات: "You should warn people who are purchasing one ticket from two airlines about flydubai being a different terminal. It caused a great amount of stress to have to go through immigration, get my luggage, exchange money in order to pay for a taxi to get to the other terminal. I barely made my connection. I was not a happy customer yesterday."
سلبيات: "It was unacceptable I wasn’t able to catch my flight going there and the clerk had no record of our flight and he was very rude. Also had to buy a more expensive ticket just to get there"
ايجابيات: "40 me on the flight knowing that that my connecting flight was cancelled stayed in Dubai for a day and a half without anyone helping me because I did not fly with Emirates to Alexandria horrible service customer service no one held I would never fly with this company ever again. Martha milagros Rivera"
ايجابيات: "Frequent trips"
سلبيات: "Comfort, no service, not even tap water!!!!!!!"
ايجابيات: "None every thing was bad."
سلبيات: "None"
ايجابيات: "On Time Arrival although we experienced a late departure"
سلبيات: "Passive agressive crew Entertainment system did not work and the screens do not turn off which made sleep impossible and the glare was a great discomfort when the lights dimmed."
ايجابيات: "On offers their rates are good."
سلبيات: "As family we tend to buy luggage based on need with Credit card. They seem to block online checkin always for credit card payment. So even if you go 3 hours before flight the family cant get seats together. Than you go through drama of convincing people in flight to adjust."
سلبيات: "It is budget so no food, no entertainment. But they even didn't offer water. At least water. Room for legs was too little. Flight it self was good and on time"
ايجابيات: "Nothing at all"
سلبيات: "No food or beverages. So tight airplane"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "The are so cheap no water to drink"
ايجابيات: "nothing"
سلبيات: "everthing"
سلبيات: "The restrooms at in Dubai are terrible"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Delayed for nearly 4 hours, no reason given, no staff visible to talk to, nothing offered to us."
ايجابيات: "The flight from Kuwait to Dubai was great. On time and well organized."
سلبيات: "As a frequent traveller I understand that delays are just part of air travel. However, my flight from Dubai to Kuwait on Fly Dubai demonstrated just how disorganized and bungled an airline can truly be. The aircrew and staff did their best under incredibly stressful circumstances and were incredibly professional. However, I have never seen logistics messed up so badly. It would be one thing to cancel and reschedule a flight for later in the day but to leave people stranded for 4 hours on the Tarmac, to take them off the plane and go back through screening to wait again at the same gate with no answers or announcements is just horrible mismanagement. My flight left 8 hours after its scheduled departure but the only updates we got were "15 more minutes", "20 more minutes", etc. while we queued up for HOURS. In the future, I'll pay the extra money to never fly with them again."
ايجابيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "The crews were great on both legs of the flight. Seating was not too bad. When boarding finally started, it was fast."
سلبيات: "Both of my flights were delayed, and in both situations no one would tell anyone what was going on. Leaving passengers in the dark about their travels is a terrible experience."
ايجابيات: "The crews were great on both legs of the flight. Seating was not too bad. When boarding finally started, it was fast."
سلبيات: "Both of my flights were delayed, and in both situations no one would tell anyone what was going on. Leaving passengers in the dark about their travels is a terrible experience."
ايجابيات: "This flight though it does not have the reclining/bed seats was such a relief after the previous Emirates flight. The crew were so incredibly nice and helpful."
سلبيات: "No reclining/sleeper seats in business class."
سلبيات: "You had to pay for water and they left the lights on all most of the evening flight. Rough flight."
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بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
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بدون توقفflyadeal
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بدون توقفflyadeal
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بدون توقفflyadeal
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بدون توقفflyadeal
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بدون توقفRoyal Jordanian
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بدون توقفRoyal Jordanian
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توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
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توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
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توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
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بدون توقفSAUDIA
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بدون توقفSAUDIA
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بدون توقفSAUDIA
2 س 05 دAMM-JED
963 ﷼
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
26 س 30 دTUU-AMM
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
19 س 30 دAMM-TUU
1,588 ﷼

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بدون توقفflynas
2 س 20 دRUH-AMM
225 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 20 دRUH-AMM
232 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
2 س 15 دRUH-AMM
236 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 20 دRUH-AMM
251 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 20 دRUH-AMM
255 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 20 دRUH-AMM
258 ﷼
بدون توقفflynas
2 س 20 دRUH-AMM
266 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
3 س 00 دJED-AMM
277 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
2 س 15 دRUH-AMM
285 ﷼
بدون توقفflyadeal
2 س 15 دRUH-AMM
288 ﷼
بدون توقفRoyal Jordanian
2 س 10 دJED-AMM
375 ﷼
بدون توقفRoyal Jordanian
2 س 30 دRUH-AMM
393 ﷼
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
7 س 35 دRUH-AMM
416 ﷼
توقف واحدطيران الجزيرة
7 س 35 دRUH-AMM
419 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
9 س 55 دRUH-AMM
513 ﷼
توقف واحدAir Arabia
5 س 45 دJED-AMM
551 ﷼
توقف واحدAegean Airlines
22 س 20 دJED-AMM
581 ﷼
بدون توقفSAUDIA
2 س 05 دJED-AMM
592 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
4 س 45 دRUH-AMM
592 ﷼
توقف واحدفلاي دبي
11 س 25 دRUH-AMM
599 ﷼

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