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8.3وسائل الترفيه
تقييمات شركات الطيران
ايجابيات: "The crew is very friendly and helpfu; the space between seats is noticeably larger than usual"
اقرأ المزيد حول الخطوط الجوية القطرية
ايجابيات: "The crew is very friendly and helpfu; the space between seats is noticeably larger than usual"
ايجابيات: "Attentive and friendly crew, leg room"
سلبيات: "Need to serve better food in economy. There is a little more legroom in economy compared to other airlines, however, the seats are tight. They are not wide enough. Need better movie selection."
ايجابيات: "Overall experience was good!"
سلبيات: "Keep the good work up."
ايجابيات: "Food and being ontime"
سلبيات: "Seats are too hard"
ايجابيات: "Empty plane."
سلبيات: "Service very reactive, particularly with so few passengers."
سلبيات: "Boarding, restroom,"
ايجابيات: "Staff are very polite and helpful (ground staff and in the air)."
سلبيات: "The food was hit and miss. Some of it was good and some of it used ketchup as a sauce. The economy seats have been stripped down to budget airline level padding and the rows seem have been been jammed in a little closer."
ايجابيات: "Great food and service. I like the short layover / transit time."
سلبيات: "Multiple security from Doha to Chicago. One should be sufficient."
ايجابيات: "Food selection. However, the snacks need to be readily available on long flights."
سلبيات: "Entertainment is lacking behind other international carriers"
ايجابيات: "The crew was amazing!"
سلبيات: "The internet service was not working!"
سلبيات: "The boarding process was ridiculous. The staff delayed boarding of zone 2 passengers until ALL zone 1 passengers could be located and boarded which could easily have delayed takeoff. They went so far as to page missing zone 1 pax several times and asked people sitting on gate area which zone they"
ايجابيات: "Everything was great"
سلبيات: "I advise Qatar Airways"
ايجابيات: "Short flight. Attentive crew"
ايجابيات: "Qatar is awesome. Amazing service and great new planes."
سلبيات: "All good"
ايجابيات: "All good"
سلبيات: "Food"
ايجابيات: "legroom"
سلبيات: "being in the middle of three"
ايجابيات: "Excellent on board staff"
سلبيات: "Unfortunately WiFi services was off"
ايجابيات: "Like before,Awesome experience provided by inflight crew, who attended to all your needs for this 4 hour long flight Made us feel really at home!"
ايجابيات: "Every thing is good in Qatar airways"
ايجابيات: "Flight Attendants were really helpful especially when one of my child had a nose bleed, we had at least 3 attendants, tending to our needs when that happened and they did not leave until the situation was resolved."
ايجابيات: "Leaving that god forsaken airport after hours of waiting in lines."
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Food was better. Seating was comfortable."
ايجابيات: "The entertainment console is dismal"
سلبيات: "Comfort of seat size has shrunk!!! Good grief."
ايجابيات: "Excellent flight , seats, food"
سلبيات: "Airport hotel costs around 350$ No entry visa for layovers exceeds 8 hours as they announced The answer they’re not giving entry visas is you bought a discounted ticket!!"
سلبيات: "Extremely small leg pitch"
سلبيات: "Seats are way uncomfortable and small"
سلبيات: "Cabin was too hot and not enough bathrooms."
سلبيات: "The flight crew had no control over the passengers on this flight! Kids running around when the seat belt sign on, called fro assistance TWICE and no one came to my seat and I held my trash for a whole hour and not ONE person stopped by to get it from me!"
ايجابيات: "Airport staff were friendly, Flight crew were good. I was in an exit row so I can't comment much about normal economy, but my legroom was fine. lots of movies to choose from. Deplaned onto a bus, that took us right to the Transfer Security which saved me a recently long walk."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "great service, food, friendliness of staff, clean plane"
سلبيات: "nothing"
ايجابيات: "It is an average economy flight. Crew was very attentive and helpful. Service was excellent."
سلبيات: "Not much to say for an economy flight. Comfort is always compromised regardless of airline. It gets worse as the flight is longer."
ايجابيات: "Good service all the way to final destination. A+ service. Newer model airplane."
سلبيات: "None"
سلبيات: "Engine problem. Everybody off of aircraft after sitting in it 3 hours!. No airline representitives inside airport to help. Slept in airport with various ppl from qatar popping up and giving untrue information"
ايجابيات: "I liked the crew"
سلبيات: "My first flight to DOHA was cancelled"
سلبيات: "Food"
ايجابيات: "Decent leg room. New plane."
سلبيات: "Only one meal was served in about a 6 hour flight. By the end of the flight I was famished."
ايجابيات: "Pleasant crew"
سلبيات: "Crowded flight, late departure."
ايجابيات: "On time, clean and joyful"
سلبيات: "N/A"
ايجابيات: "New planes, Excellent Service"
سلبيات: "Meals could have been better"
ايجابيات: "Entertainment"
سلبيات: "The crew has no control over passengers. Specifically, it is the cabin supervisors responsibility to maintain order on the flight. Everyone before boarding, during boarding and during the flight kept sitting in incorrect seats, no boarding passes checked. Felt like a zoo on the airline. Very disappointed."
ايجابيات: "Good"
سلبيات: "Okay"
ايجابيات: "Friendly crew"
سلبيات: "Food and price of ticket"
ايجابيات: "The leg room was good especially for tall passengers. Food was fantastic. The interior lighting of the plane was amazing. The airport is probably one of the best i have seen that a 9-hour layover didn't feel as bad. Very clean and so many things to do."
سلبيات: "Airconditioning needs a bit of improvement. I had to remove my jacket. It had a point that i was sweating in the middle of the flight. Probably the warmest airplane ride i had."
ايجابيات: "The aircraft was perfect it self. The crew were nice"
سلبيات: "They changed my chiled seat twice and they couldnt find a place for both of us togetger."
ايجابيات: "Crew polite and efficient."
سلبيات: "Boarding process non-existent. Huge queue of 80+ people. Seats average comfort. Food bland. No entertainment other than on the overhead displays. Will avoid flying with this type of plane / flight."
ايجابيات: "The food and a good response from the air hostess"

This itineray had to be cancelled as the connection time in Paris was only 55 min which is below the 90 min required by Paris airport. Nether Chat deal/Kayak, nor Gulf air nor American Air picked on that. I called American Air for unrelated question was then told that boarding would be denied due to the short connection time. This should have been an automatic notification from Chat deal/ Kayak or Gulf air and itinery cancelled. What is the point of inconveniencing the passenger?? The return has still not be refunded. Shame on Gulf Air, very poor customer service for an airline that has so good flight crew!


ايجابيات: "Crew was very nice in business. Very helpful and catering to every need."
سلبيات: "The entertainment. Hollywood movies were not working."
ايجابيات: "I' not sure which flight this relates to. I've taken economy and business class and clearly the business class is better but economy is fine. The crew were good in both classes and whilst the food in business was better I didn't have a problem in economy either."
سلبيات: "Check in was fine and very friendly but boarding could be better particularly in business. At Heathrow it was a bit chaotic as all classes seemed to be mixed up so it was difficult for priority passengers such as disabled to get through everyone crowded up to the desks and the same applied for business class as well. The IFE wasn't too bad but it could be better. Bahrain airport is a mess and the boarding gates seem to be more like corridors with seats in them so it's difficult again when they call for business class passengers as unless you are already at the front you have to try to work your way through. I believe the airport is being rebuilt. If so then things will probably improve. I'm not sure why there needs to be 2 security checks within a few yards of each other when transiting between flights. they don't have this problem in Doha."
سلبيات: "If there was no bus to the aircraft."
ايجابيات: "Customer service of vayama they did our request by providing wheelchair for my mother and flight was superb for Gulf air"
ايجابيات: "Short and sweet."
ايجابيات: "Yes"
سلبيات: "Food needs improvement"
سلبيات: "The travel was cancell for orbiz fail"
ايجابيات: "The crew was nice and kind."
سلبيات: "The seats, as always."
سلبيات: "The boarding process could have been more smooth. The flight wasn’t comfortable. The crew wasn’t courteous and more rude. The food was not good at all."
سلبيات: "They canceled the flight that I booked from muscat to Manama at 1245 and booked to me at 745 am flight, and they keep me waiting for six hours to catch my flight from Manama to Riyadh, They did not offer me a hotel to stay during the waiting period."
ايجابيات: "The plane was super new and the flight was smooth and really great. The food was yummie."
سلبيات: "My luggage did not arrive at the airport in Istnabul and I hope I will get it back."
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Boarding, crew, seating, bus gate"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "Meal options and snacks, good crew staff. And relatively comfortable seating. The plane waited for us because of the earlier delayed flight, though we prefer to have been given the option to stay the night and catch the next morning flight."
سلبيات: "The flight got delayed from Alexandria and the staff at Manama airport directed us to a counter to get our onward boarding passes but another senior member of staff asked us "what are you doing here" and asked us to go straight to the gate, then when we arrived at Abu Dhabi the baggage did not arrive with us and we had to go back to the airport later to pick them up."
ايجابيات: "New Dreamliner. Business Class very comfortable. Onboard chef very attentive."
سلبيات: "IFE very limited, so take a good book!"
ايجابيات: "The flight was on time and everyone from the ground crew to cabin crew were making sure to secure an on time performance. Checking in and boarding was swift. The flight was short and sweet. De-boarding was quick and taken back to the terminal in a bus."
سلبيات: "The cabin crew looked sad. Not a single one of them had a smile on their face. There was no welcome when I got on the aircraft, I was not woken up for food and was not asked later if I wanted something to eat."
ايجابيات: "Boarding was on time and the crew are very nice"
سلبيات: "There was a delay because airplane was waiting passengers from connecting flights which made us delayed half an hour"
سلبيات: "onboard entertainment is very limited"
ايجابيات: "how convenient it is"
سلبيات: "Too much money taken by the airline even though I had bought insurance"
ايجابيات: "I liked the info I was getting from the airline, through sms. And everything was on time."
سلبيات: "The in-flight entertainment was there but no headphones, which makes it useless. The flight was short but still."
سلبيات: "Their price and services"
ايجابيات: "fast boarding, got the luggage quickly."
سلبيات: "nothing"
ايجابيات: "Subcontinent flights are substandard.. Crew are indifferent.. Taking this flight only because it is direct non stop"
سلبيات: "Subcontinent flights are substandard.. Crew are indifferent.. Taking this flight only because it is direct non stop"
ايجابيات: "Bording was ok."
سلبيات: "Too much security checks"
سلبيات: "add phone outlet to your seat"
سلبيات: "food it could be better"
ايجابيات: "Crew"
سلبيات: "The Food choices"
ايجابيات: "Food and the crew"
سلبيات: "The air sucks in the flight"
ايجابيات: "More movies And good food Pls have working charges of iPhone on Bahrain airport"
ايجابيات: "Food is always a plus (especially compared to the US flights, where hardly anything but a salty snack and a drink are included with the flight)."
سلبيات: "I was confused about which check in counter to go to - I purchased my ticket through Oman Air, but they could not find my reservation at the check in counter.... they suggested going to the Gulf Air counter, where I was able to successfully check in."
ايجابيات: "Gap between both flights was tight.But very helpful ground crew & flight crew"
سلبيات: "The journey was too short to give any proper rating"
ايجابيات: "Every thing"
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "i like the smile of the staff"
سلبيات: "none"
ايجابيات: "Not much."
سلبيات: "Buses took ages when boarding and disembarking."
ايجابيات: "Good film selection, great beverage options."
سلبيات: "The sandwiches were pitiful. Not enough chicken salad for the bread and egg salad sandwiches for the children was a poor choice."
ايجابيات: "Crew and seats"
سلبيات: "Boarding delayed 1 hour and 1/2"
ايجابيات: "on time"
سلبيات: "food"
ايجابيات: "being on time"
سلبيات: "Food"
ايجابيات: "Everything!"
سلبيات: "Nothing."
ايجابيات: "Everything went well."
سلبيات: "Nothing"
ايجابيات: "The food is horrible."
ايجابيات: "Crew and boarding crew and plane crew were great."
سلبيات: "Flight was delayed for an hourl plus. Spent more time in airport than in air."
ايجابيات: "Crew and staff were great."
سلبيات: "Flight was delayed for an hour. Spent more time in airport than in the air."
ايجابيات: "The food and services in Bahrain airport and in plane"
ايجابيات: "كانت رحلة عادية سعرها غال جدا بالمقارنةبالخدمة المقدمة و المسافة و الزمن للرحلة"
سلبيات: "The in flight movies were outdated and not a good selection at all"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "I cancelled the trip and they did not return any of my money and also they charge me extra 20 BD ? What a bad airline"
سلبيات: "Slight inconvenience having to wait for a connecting flight, which delayed our arrival plans at the destination...."
ايجابيات: "The crew was amazing!"
ايجابيات: "The crew was amazing, there's one lady crew that's super friendly. Met great passengers too. Was seated at 71 F, the gentleman next to me was great Mr 71 G. Just wished was able to say goodbye to him. Fl EY455 9/3/19. He was heading for Beirut and me to LHR. JUST wish for an ETIHAD CONNECTION. Thanks."
سلبيات: "The waiting lounge had no info on the outside. We came early, was seated close to the door and I served as the info person."
سلبيات: "More comfortable seats."
ايجابيات: "Great seat and staff."
سلبيات: "It was great!"
ايجابيات: "Amazing crew"
سلبيات: "At check in"
سلبيات: "You expect more from business class"
ايجابيات: "every thing from the new plane until arrive it was amazing"
سلبيات: "nothing every thing i like it"
ايجابيات: "Boarding staff ."
سلبيات: "Food was very bad and started to charge you for some food and drink items ."
ايجابيات: "Crew was cordial"
سلبيات: "Check-in - it took 2 hrs to check our bags"
ايجابيات: "Good service"
سلبيات: "The airline staff Abu Dhabi were very unhelpful. They have our seats away to other people. Then they lost our bags. Horrible experience. Would never fly them again!"
سلبيات: "Entertainment byTV with more new movies."
ايجابيات: "Crew was great, food was great, seat was comfortable"
ايجابيات: "No"
سلبيات: "My baggage is missed on my trip"
ايجابيات: "I was not put on the plane because they said my seat did not existed! I had purchased my ticket 3 months prior to departure and they said I did not have a seat on the plane due to overbooking. They clearly gave my seat away to someone else and this is not acceptable."
سلبيات: "Ethiad was not helpful at all and did not provide any same day help. They’re customer service was absolutely terrible."
ايجابيات: "Only 2nd leg- the crew was better"
سلبيات: "Crew was bad/ food options were horrible/ boarding wasn’t very comfortable/ space in the aircraft was bad/ entertainment was limited/"
ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Flight delayed Baggage lost & didn’t receive upon arrival"
سلبيات: "Breakfast quality was not good .In breakfast they gave vegetarian food .Flight departed late by one hour ."
ايجابيات: "E box movies , longer leg room"
سلبيات: "Nothing I love Etihad"
ايجابيات: "The crew"
سلبيات: "Having to wait 5-6 hours due to missed flight back to NY"
ايجابيات: "Everything was fine, but"
سلبيات: "Frigid temps on board The snacks were sad"
ايجابيات: "To be honest, the plane, crew, airport... everything was overall pretty nice."
سلبيات: "My checked luggage got delayed for this first trip, and I had to wait three hours at the airport security."
ايجابيات: "We had a medical emergency so we couldn’t take our flight. The crew were nice about understanding our situation."
سلبيات: "Lost our bags, didn’t call us back. We had to go to the airport to find someone to look into our bags. It’s been over a week and we still don’t know where they are. :-("
ايجابيات: "Staff are efficient."
ايجابيات: "The seats were very comfortable with good leg room. Food was excellent. Cabin crew was friendly and accommodating."
سلبيات: "The entertainment screen looked aged. Very slow and not so good resolution. Certain sections of the Abu Dhabi airport are disappointing. Bathrooms in that particular section of the airport were really dirty and broken. Also travelling by bus to the airplane is not desired for such a major airline home airport. I read somewhere that airport is going to go through major renovation in 2019, so I hope it will become as good as Dubai airport"
سلبيات: "The person checking me in at Delhi was rude. Didn’t let me take the cabin bag that others were allowed to take."
سلبيات: "More protein in food"
ايجابيات: "The flight from AMM to Abu Dhabi was excellent. Movie selection was excellent. Everything was excellent. The flight from Abu Dhabi to Muscat was so so. It might be due to the short duration."
سلبيات: "Movie selection, sound system, seat and window shades on the Jordan to Abu Dhabi flight."
ايجابيات: "Crew ppl was nice"
سلبيات: "Front ppl at the counter was absolutely horrible. I will never ever recommend any one to fly with Etihad airways.i travel for work and I never had a experience like this. Never in my life."
سلبيات: "Was not allowed to board flight, had to purchase a second d ticket, told no seats available until Sept 17 which was a lie, after an additional charge of $750.10. Could not reach customer service. Ended up buying a ticket with another airline. Would like some reimbursement in this."
ايجابيات: "The flight was perfect the flight attendants was also up to scale thank you very much for the nice flight"
سلبيات: "The fly agency supposed to advise me a hotel inside the airport I asked to be inside the terminal so I had to cancel the booking in there and lose money because the hotel they advised me was outside the terminal not inside"
ايجابيات: "Accurate. Take off was smooth. Crew were sooo kind. Boarding was fast. New computer was fantastic. New movies ."
سلبيات: "1. Seats were really narrow. 2. Although my first plane from Seoul to Abu Dhabi was for 10 hours but only one meal served and it was omlette with sausage And at the beginning a small toast sandwich served. This indeed very strange because everytime I flied with Etihad you serve 2 meals one of them is meat or chicken with rice. I was really starving until the next glight because when we left Incheon airport it was 12.55am and most restaurants were closed. Please try to solve this issue"
سلبيات: "Some times we did not take food from crew, I and my kids are slept. When we woke up kids feeling hungry, they are not provided food"
سلبيات: "Overall the flight was okay. What was disappointing was that our luggage didn't reach Prague at the same time. I have a meeting tomorrow and really wanted to take a bath upon arriving at the hotel. The problem is, all my clothes were in my luggage. Add to the fact that I have an early meeting tomorrow and I don't know what time my luggage will arrive."
سلبيات: "The staff at Kathmandu airport Etihad check-in counter was very rude. He asked too many unnecessary personal questions and asked to present the document to verify."
ايجابيات: "Crew , seats and crew"
سلبيات: "Boarding was very slow although we did it online as they were serving all client without differanciating the online checked already."
ايجابيات: "Entertainment system , crew"
سلبيات: "Boarding, as we did it online but waited long queue because online counter was serving all passengers"
ايجابيات: "Quick flight"
سلبيات: "Seating is tight"
ايجابيات: "Staff was great. Food was good, not great, but better than every other airline."
سلبيات: "The guest services agent at Delhi when I checked in was very strict about having a through ticket at my destination which almost caused me to miss my flight. I had previously checked with the consolate at my destination and there was no such requirement. Upon arrival, there was no concern whatsoever about having a through ticket. I know she was just doing her job, but this caused a lot of unnecessary stress."
ايجابيات: "Good in-flight service. professional crew."
سلبيات: "Extremely strict on carry-on baggage weight policy. I wish I knew about this policy before going to the airport. Ended up paying $110 more, having to move stuff from my carry on bags to checked in luggage."
ايجابيات: "Service is excellent, seats are comfortable, food is tasty and the entertainment system is top class. To add to all of this the Crew is really friendly and helpful."
ايجابيات: "For the price, its good, Entertainment system is really good, also its` good for the quick flight.Flight is always On time!"
سلبيات: "Staff is not super welcoming, looks like they are forced to serve the economy class, you get what you pay for, Also its super crowded."
ايجابيات: "Entertainment system"
سلبيات: "Boarding"
ايجابيات: "The aircraft and leg space in rare seats."
سلبيات: "The boarding and getting off the aircraft was mess and no proper arrangement for transportation at Abu Dhabi. The ground staff was not cordial enough."
ايجابيات: "The crew were friendly and helpful. The airplane was spacious."
سلبيات: "My luggage is lost. I have to wait for 3 days for it to get to my final destination. That is very upsetting."
سلبيات: "We did not get our bags (total of 6 bags) - It was extremely difficult with an infant and a toddler to manage without clothes and meds. Staff was extremely arrogant during the flight, not helpful at all. Boarding process was a huge disaster - no planning, no zone boarding and unnesessary panic. Lastly food, worst frozen food. The portions were too small and very limited service. We won't use ETIHAD again."
ايجابيات: "Probably one of the more comfortable flights I've been on."
سلبيات: "We got rerouted through Singapore for an unscheduled stop, had a flight crew change which added 3 hours onto the flight which caused me to nearly miss my connecting flight to Bahrain. I did make the flight being the last person to board, but my bag did not."
سلبيات: "This is the last time to travel with etihad , very bad staff and not coorporated at all except for ( business and first class) Accordinh to my 2 experience with them they did not componsate me for the flight was missing because of their delay and the other one because checked in desc dont accept my bag even if i checked in and i have the boarding and they did this just to buy new ticket for 300 euros ? For nothing and waist time I gave them 0 out of 10"
ايجابيات: "The trip was late and the transite one left and they refused to componsate me neither by ticket nor money .. It was ahorrible trip i lost 4000 dollars for hotels and other ticket which is toooooo much"
ايجابيات: "Good selection"
سلبيات: "* Server was down for first half of the flight * Recommend turning on entertainment system as soon as cabin is boarded"
سلبيات: "Timing!!"
ايجابيات: "I went to get my ticket at the airport unfortunately they said your ticket has been cancelled But i have no information about that Please contact me on +966502263227"
سلبيات: "Please contact me on my phone number +966502263227"
ايجابيات: "Smooth trip"
سلبيات: "The electricity plug was not working so I couldn’t charge my mobile although it is a new plane and the hostess tried his best but no luck"
ايجابيات: "Seats weren’t comfortable"
سلبيات: "Seats"
ايجابيات: "Crew, and timing of flight"
سلبيات: "Improving the food and beverage selections."
ايجابيات: "Nice and smooth"
سلبيات: "NA"
ايجابيات: "No"
سلبيات: "The best flight ever. Not much passengers, and that’s what made the difference."
سلبيات: "Punctuality"
سلبيات: "The crew was not helpful. We kept asking for many things but they don’t bring them from the first time. They gave me food as normal and when I opened it they brought my requested special food which should be given to me earlier."
ايجابيات: "Take off was on time. Crew was very professional. Food was good."
سلبيات: "Entertainment needs to be more updated and diversified. Movies are old."
ايجابيات: "Crew"
سلبيات: "Delay, 2 times"
سلبيات: "الضغط داخل الكبينة كان مزعج طول الرحلة طعام الافطار اقل جودة مما اعتدت عليه على رحلات السعودية"
ايجابيات: "Every thing is OK."
سلبيات: "The sound system was not working at all. You can only see the movie without sound"
ايجابيات: "On time boarding. On time departure. Smooth departure. Friendly crew. Good food service. On line landing. smooth landing."
سلبيات: "Checked in Luggage come out 30 minutes late."
ايجابيات: "Food was good. Flight attendants had good customer service ."
سلبيات: "Seats were a bit uncomfortable"
ايجابيات: "Very bad flight , didn’t like the plane, toilets were not cleaned , not much assisted and poor handling by the crew Sine most of the people were coughing, I felt like I was sitting in the hospital"
سلبيات: "I didn’t like the plane most of things were not cleaned and my headphones were broken the crew was not welcoming Pathetic service This was my first ever flight from Saudi airlines but I am very disappointed so next time will go on emirates"
ايجابيات: "Steward was helpfull"
سلبيات: "The screen and the live map was not working"
ايجابيات: "The crew was very rude"
سلبيات: "Packed buses"
سلبيات: "The Jeddah airport is complete chaos. Avoid if you can"
ايجابيات: "Just the entertainment selections"
سلبيات: "They changed my flight numerous times and the food was cold"
سلبيات: "The flight was delay without any notification or even the boarding man dud not know when the new sechughual.the most of us have international flight after Jeddah flight."
سلبيات: "The hostesses in the my cabin (our seats were row 55) were extremely cery rude. One of the aged one litteraly acted like she was my mother in the sense of bossing around. They were not attentive to when people called them and they were really very rude to almost everyone that asked them for help. I had a 3 yr old who got tired of sitting so i took him around and took him to prayer area when no one else was there, and they came in telling us that it was not safe and i told them that he just wanted to walk around and we just got here iw will go in 2 mins and they were like no sorry its not safe, something with ocygen and everything and i was like if i pray here then it wudnt be dangerous? And they were like ur baby wont be here. Why in the world will my baby stay at his seat when his mother is away. And then I was really sick that day which is why i was drinking alot of tea that i do not even like, i was only drinking it bez it was hot and they were giving me attitude giving the tea. Also one time they did not have the tea so i asked them to give me hot water and one of them said u have to wait 5 mins when we start serving and at that time i really thought she just did not wanna give it yo me because they were just being mean. I did not know tht genuinly they were refreshing everything, so one of them brought me boiling hot water and then cane 5 mine later with food and taunted me that you did not finish your water. For heavens sake I was not gonna drink boiling hot water, i was waiting for it to get to the level ehetr i cud drink it. Overall extremely very disappointed"
ايجابيات: "Nothing but the food & the timing."
سلبيات: "Uncomfortable, uncleaned, bad smell, over priced for an economy class and a small narrowness plane and shortness flight. Hope it is improved next time for others; however, I won’t utilize this airlines in fact it is my country’s airlines."
ايجابيات: "The flight crew was very helpful to our family. I wish their boarding process was as customer friendly or competent."
سلبيات: "The flight was late, there was minimal information provided from the boarding attendants, and the boarding process was one of the most disorganized I have seen as a frequent flyer."
ايجابيات: "The flight was short and service was adequate as such."
سلبيات: "The late flight, lack of flight information, and no attendant make it frustrating and difficult to plan your arrangements upon arrival."
سلبيات: "The employees at jeddah airport, bad airport & employees"
ايجابيات: "Nothing as usual."
سلبيات: "Flight was 40 minutes late at departure airport. Missed up all the luggage in destination airport. Waiting long time for bus shuttle to come at the airplane."
سلبيات: "There was a mis-match between the boarding time on the screen against the time in the boarding pass which lead to a delay of 1 hour and 15 mins of the boarding."
سلبيات: "There were a lot of mix ups with our visit about our passports"
ايجابيات: "Overall, service was very good"
سلبيات: "there is no entertainment Also, regarding airport in Riyadh AUH make sure to verify your gate number. I don’t think they put it on boarding pass"
ايجابيات: "Worst."
سلبيات: "Worst."
سلبيات: "Delayed flight, departure time on airport screen was not correct."
ايجابيات: "The crew very professional and nice"
سلبيات: "Having to wait over 1 hour for my luggage also at checking in long lines and very slow should open more counters th"
سلبيات: "Food awful. Total retail Value < &1."
ايجابيات: "The crew were helpful The seats were far from each other The food was good"
سلبيات: "None"
سلبيات: "Lit to take off more than 20 minutes"
ايجابيات: "The staff are positive they really try to fulfill your requirements."
سلبيات: "the only difference between business class and economy is the size of the seat which was not very clean by the way!!!"
ايجابيات: "It was the best trip I ever made, everyone was very helpful and friendly"
ايجابيات: "maybe the prayer area"
سلبيات: "no variety of the food. noisy cabinet. I feel not safe."
ايجابيات: "The check-in staff were nice and accommodating. For a short flight we did get a box lunch which was filling."
سلبيات: "The plane has seen better days, paint was pealing off some places. The chairs were ok. The flight crew seemed annoyed at everyone."
ايجابيات: "Easy booking and quick confirmation"
سلبيات: "Pre seat reservation which left us with no choice of changing seats"
ايجابيات: "Mostly every things"
سلبيات: "Bus transportation to be elemenated"
سلبيات: "No headphones"
ايجابيات: "Service"
سلبيات: "I asked the website to change the destination. The reply came 12 hours before the flight. I couldn't wait so i took another flight and paid for another ticket."
سلبيات: "I had a very bad experience with Saudia Airline during my return trip from Jeddah Airport on December 10th they made me missed my flight by not making the calling announcement to ask the passengers to go to the gate by English languish while I do not understand Arabic languish, also they never make a final call by my name while I was sitting near from my gate… They made me sitting at the Airport for approximately 15 hours waiting for other flight in cold air-condition and refused to let me get my jacket from my bag that I never see it until 3 days after I arrived to Abu Dhabi!!! They left me without food or blanket in the cold air-condition during this 15 hours waiting which it makes me very sick with sever FLU caused me to be off work sleeping on my bed for 8 days because of this sickness!!! They made me pay cash for a new ticket saying that they cannot refund my old ticket!!! I will never ever be going to get Saudia Airline the rest of my life and I will never recommend it to any of my family, coworkers or friends. I they want me to reconsider my opinion about them they need to send me an apology letter with the full amount of the ticket that I paid at Jeddah airport to return bake to Abu Dhabi. Very Respectfully Salih Tambil 971-052-667-5098"
ايجابيات: "לעלכלהלכ"
سلبيات: "עלכללט"
ايجابيات: "Everything went exactly as it should with any flight - check-in (long queue, but multiple desks open so it didn't take long for everyone to check-in on time), boarding (swift and efficient), operation (no technical issues, no unpleasant experiences, flight departed and landed on time) & plane (fairly new and clean aircraft)."
سلبيات: "Not being connected to a jet (boarding) bridge, despite the aircraft being parked right in front of the terminal, next to one of these connecting bridges. We had to take the bus circle the terminal for what felt like an unnecessary expense-cutting choice made by Wizzair."
سلبيات: "Gate announcement was only a few minutes before cut off!!"
ايجابيات: "Nothing. Horrible experience overall, but what you pay is what you get."
سلبيات: "Pretty much everything..."
ايجابيات: "We had an eventless and safe flight and it was not too cold on the plane."
سلبيات: "There was no paper towel in the toilet, the water for the tee was not warm enough to have tee. We have been told to have 10-20 min delay we arrived much later. And the intonation of the speaking stewardess was so annoying that you could not listen to it :( These are minor things but can change the customer experience."
ايجابيات: "The cheap fares"
سلبيات: "Airplane was filthy, needed a thorough cleaning. More padding on the seat."
ايجابيات: "I think some of the issues were passenger related, and passengers not listening to the crew. So it wasn't so much I liked it but some of the crew's attitudes were warranted based on the passengers."
سلبيات: "We were loaded onto the bus to take us to the plane and then stood on the bus for 45 minutes! Then were delayed even longer. With zero explanation the entire time. Additionally having to pay for even water is a bit much, especially when I came prepared, but drank more because it was hot on the bus."
سلبيات: "Staff could of been friendlier. They would not give me a cup of water and said i had to buy a bottle."
ايجابيات: "Friendly crew"
سلبيات: "Long check-in lines Seats uncomfortable"
ايجابيات: "On time without any delay"
سلبيات: "Satisfied"
ايجابيات: "The crew was very friendly and helpful."
سلبيات: "The boarding process took far too long. We were standing at the gate for what seemed like an hour. I'm not sure exactly why we were delayed in boarding the plane. There was no explanation."
ايجابيات: "Everything went to plan and we were very happy"
ايجابيات: "Staff cheerness"
سلبيات: "Nada"
سلبيات: "Did not fly. They wanted $100 to check my bag. I flew another airline."
ايجابيات: "On time, cabin crew, ease of boarding and amount of bags I could take with Priority Boarding"
سلبيات: "My seat hadn't been cleaned prooerly before I got there and if I hadn't done it myself, I would have someone else's chocolate all over the seat of my trousers. Also, the bathroom floors were really gross, to the point I had to roll uo the legs of my trousers so they didn't get wet when I needed to use the toilet."
سلبيات: "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."
ايجابيات: "Got me to where I was going and the airline stewards were polite and helpful."
سلبيات: "Like all budget airlines, Wizzair has low fares and anything else is a nickel and dime game. When did a cup of coffee cost anything? Is this the norm? I would not know. I travel with a musical instrument (guitar) in a soft case. Easily fits in overhead bin compartments. The airline would not allow me to carry it on (only recourse was to purchase a second seat for it). I was forced to pay a baggage fee (around $70 u.s.dollars). For what? To pray it doesn't come back to me damaged? To their credit, it did not..."
ايجابيات: "The price"
سلبيات: "The check in was not opened on time The bordibg was not possible on time"
سلبيات: "No air conditioned 2 hours late Poor ground service"
سلبيات: "Flight delayed by more than 2 hours, additional 40 minutes in the plain before departure. At least 30 minutes until doors opened. Overall huge delay that totally killed my business day."
سلبيات: "Horrible web/check in experience, 2hour delay. Inexistence of entertainment or comfort. What else can be said ?"
ايجابيات: "Cheap."
سلبيات: "Last minute boarding change & overall 1 hr delay"
ايجابيات: "Nice crew"
سلبيات: "Both flights were Delaid. It was unorganized in every point, felt like chaos. Ryanair sells same services for cheaper price, so I thought it was overpriced."
ايجابيات: "Everything was on time, no delays. Polite crue. Easy boarding."
سلبيات: "The seats are not comfortable at all"
ايجابيات: "I asked for a cup of water for my child and they gave me a bottled water. Then they charged me 2.50 euros. Their credit card processing machine was not working properly, which was frustrating: the flight attendant got frustrated and had to come back again until she can process my payment."
ايجابيات: "On time boarding, departure and arrival. Smooth flight. Better than Ryanair."
سلبيات: "Seats were horrible. Narrow, no leg room and awfully uncomfortable. Worse than easyJet."
ايجابيات: "Nothing!"
سلبيات: "My husband was seated in row 2 and I was seated in row 29, even though there were many spare seats in blocks of two and three that we could have been sat in; then I was forced to put my carryon luggage in the hold, meaning I had to wait ages at the baggage reclaim on arrival, and was late for my air BnB check in. When I booked my flight I deliberately chose not to check any luggage, spent time planning what to take so that it would fit in a carryon bag, and measured out my liquids into small bottles so that they passed the liquids restrictions: all effort and time spent in vain due to Wizz Air. I was furious!"
ايجابيات: "Space. Priority Boarding"
سلبيات: "Strong bad smell. One hour late for departure."
ايجابيات: "Cheap fare"
سلبيات: "No entertainment"
ايجابيات: "Staff were generally sweet & approachable."
سلبيات: "Cannot understand management of border control security before boarding. This is done in the corridor on route to gate. Long long queues, then continued to queue before boarding in the waiting/holding room. No toilets once you enter the corridor to go to gate. Unsatisfactory management. Water from air conditioner dripping on me on board from take off. Not an immediate suggestion to move, but agreement to do so on my suggestion and then gentle insistence. Thankfully there was a seat for me! It seemed to be a problem staff were aware of which is concerning that Wizz did not block that seat."
ايجابيات: "The staff - friendly, polite,, helpful and a nice uniform! No silly uncomfortable and unsuitable as in some airlines. Reasonably clean. Good price for a glass of wine and pac of dry fruit."
سلبيات: "Unable to understand tanoi messages - mumbling & too fast. Could not make out most of what staff said including why there was an hour's delay and safety procedures. If i were to bring an oversized and too heavy handluggage on board no doubt I wouldn't get away with it ! However the number of large and heavy bags passengers brought on board last night was ridiculous . It was a real struggle for people to find lockers for.their bags. Some people had quite a few. Delays take off and creates unnecessary chaos. Couldn't understand why I had to pay to check in online, obviously missed that when bookrd. Although I recall reading that it will cost if you check in the airport- so most likely my error. No facility or button to print boarding pass once checked in. No contact us button - I would like to change seat I booked for return but cannot see how to do this on line."
ايجابيات: "Purchased priority boarding for a change which was nice to be able to not have to jump in the queue quickly. Boarding was fine and the crew were very friendly and professional. The extra legroom seats over the wing provided a good extra space."
سلبيات: "The cleanliness of the plane was not good, the carpets were fraying and the seats were old and tired. The seats were positioned too upright and there was no option to recline the seat so it was a very straight seat for 2hrs on the flight."
ايجابيات: "Quickest in & out procedure at both BUD and LTN in a long time and a super pretty flight attendant."
سلبيات: "Very very routh unprofessionally and disrespectful check in person . I did not receive by boarding pass through the email and was charged with 35 euros to have my boarding pass printed ! The clerk raised his voice and was disrespectful to me and other customers. The flight itself was ok, nothing special but not bad either."
ايجابيات: "Standard service , even was late come almost in time"
سلبيات: "Was a bit late"
ايجابيات: "The people are very rude no cooperation"
سلبيات: "The crew was very rude"
ايجابيات: "Price"
سلبيات: "-Crew were very rude, check in crew and flight attendants -Luggage and checking in fees not advertised enough. Too many people getting their money stolen by Wizz Air. - Boarding extremely chaotic and not organized."
ايجابيات: "fast"
سلبيات: "hot on the plane"
ايجابيات: "Crew very friendly."
سلبيات: "I had no what so ever notice that an online check in is required during my booking ,therefore i had to pay a 35 EUR fine for airport check in . Moreover , on the way back we had a long delay from Luton to Kosice without informing us about this delay and the reasons ,expected time of flight..."
سلبيات: "So cheap."
ايجابيات: "Super easy online check-in, comfortable plane, lovely crew"
سلبيات: "Waited a bit in a long hallway waiting for the last flightload of passengers to deplane."
ايجابيات: "Well organised."
سلبيات: "Charging for light refreshments."
ايجابيات: "Nice clean plane, friendly airline staff (as friendly as they get, we all know how they have that teflon attitude), OK food, I sat between 2 Bulgarian passengers which were very well behaved, one screaming baby nearby (as there always is) and no-one playing football with the back of my seat all the flight (you know who you are - hope someone does it to you), and no-one fidgeting all flight so all in all a good experience."
سلبيات: "Bit slow in opening the gate for people to get on. They expect to cram you like sardines on a hot staircase with no where to go when there is other people being checked in to board behind you, really stupid and possibly sadistic."
ايجابيات: "Staff aboard the aircraft were very nice and so was the passengers."
سلبيات: "Bought a ticket two weeks ago to travel to Romania. Didn't have internet to check in, so I went to the airport to check in. When I got there because I was within 3 hours of boarding they had given away my ticket and made me a last priority boarder. I happened to get really lucky otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to fly on a flight I had previously paid for and was on time to."
ايجابيات: "Flight was on time unlike outward trip which was just under 2 hrs late"
سلبيات: "Very rude boarding staff on ground. Tried to charge me for the hand luggage but did put a small luggage sticker on when I didn't respond. Seats do not recline so most people slept on the pull down tray as a pillow."
ايجابيات: "The weather was nice."
سلبيات: "The boarding was announced 30 minutes before the beginning of the procedure. All the passengers were standing in the queue, without any possibilities to sit down. At Luton there is no connection among the announcements and the actual status of the boarding of a particular plane."
سلبيات: "Because we booked through Kayak/lastminute it was impossible to add luggage - so cost of one suitcase was same as cost of flight!!!!"
ايجابيات: "Everything"
سلبيات: "Everything"
ايجابيات: "only good for short flights....the price.."
سلبيات: "not comfortable seats"
ايجابيات: "Good comfi flight with great crew and service"
سلبيات: "The bus at the landing without a/c and it was hot as hell"

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بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 25 دAUH-DMM
341 ﷼
بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
566 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
20 س 15 دAUH-DMM
633 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
6 س 00 دAUH-DMM
652 ﷼
بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
667 ﷼
بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
685 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
6 س 00 دAUH-DMM
712 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
12 س 55 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
831 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
2 من التوقفاتشركات طيران متعددة
12 س 30 دAUH-DMM
835 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
12 س 55 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
843 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
2 من التوقفاتشركات طيران متعددة
12 س 30 دAUH-DMM
846 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
4 س 45 دAUH-DMM
880 ﷼
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 25 دAUH-DMM
910 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
11 س 10 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
929 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
7 س 20 دDMM-AUH
بدون توقفشركات طيران متعددة
1 س 40 دAUH-DMM
974 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
18 س 25 دDMM-AUH
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
13 س 00 دAUH-DMM
1,195 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
18 س 25 دDMM-AUH
توقف واحدSAUDIA
12 س 05 دAUH-DMM
1,202 ﷼
توقف واحدSAUDIA
9 س 30 دDMM-AUH
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
13 س 00 دAUH-DMM
1,217 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
14 س 25 دDMM-AUH
توقف واحدSAUDIA
6 س 05 دAUH-DMM
1,232 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
14 س 25 دDMM-AUH
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
13 س 00 دAUH-DMM
1,236 ﷼

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بدون توقفWizz Air
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
596 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
21 س 05 دDMM-AUH
614 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
12 س 30 دDMM-AUH
629 ﷼
بدون توقفWizz Air Abu Dhabi
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
637 ﷼
بدون توقفWizz Air Abu Dhabi
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
674 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتشركات طيران متعددة
42 س 25 دDMM-AUH
715 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
7 س 45 دDMM-AUH
843 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية القطرية
6 س 05 دDMM-AUH
846 ﷼
توقف واحدشركات طيران متعددة
7 س 20 دDMM-AUH
865 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتشركات طيران متعددة
22 س 45 دDMM-AUH
880 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتشركات طيران متعددة
7 س 50 دDMM-AUH
899 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتشركات طيران متعددة
7 س 50 دDMM-AUH
903 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
10 س 40 دDMM-AUH
906 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
6 س 20 دDMM-AUH
918 ﷼
بدون توقفالاتحاد للطيران
1 س 15 دDMM-AUH
933 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية القطرية
8 س 35 دDMM-AUH
1,000 ﷼
توقف واحدالخطوط الجوية القطرية
4 س 05 دDMM-AUH
1,037 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
3 س 10 دDMM-AUH
1,071 ﷼
توقف واحدGulf Air
3 س 45 دDMM-AUH
1,184 ﷼
2 من التوقفاتSAUDIA
11 س 30 دDMM-AUH
1,371 ﷼

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