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اعثر على رحلات طيران رخيصة من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية


اعثر على رحلات طيران رخيصة من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

ابحث في مئات مواقع السفر في آن واحد عن صفقات رحلات طيران إلى الإسكندرية

رحلة ذهاب وإياب
المدينة المنورة (MED)
مطار برج العرب الدولي
الأحد 13/6
الأحد 20/6
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645 ﷼أو أقل

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Turkish Airlines
درجة التقييم الإجمالية بناءً على 23,146 من التقييمات
الصعود إلى الطائرة
وسائل الترفيه
تقييمات شركات الطيران

سلبيات: "Amazing how little legroom you can get away with, on a 13+ hour flight. You should be so ashamed!!!"

ايجابيات: "The food was very good and inflight entertainment was excellent."
سلبيات: "They keep the cabin temperature too warm the entire flight. The seats are too stiff."

سلبيات: "The flight was 2 hours late from Karachi to Turkey and again 2 hours late from Turkey to Houston.The plane was super crowded, the seat was very uncomfortable. Turkish airlines need to reduce their ticket prices because they provide poor services to their passengers."

ايجابيات: "The crew was good and spent time attending to your needs. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Turkish Airlines."
سلبيات: "I was reassigned a new seat without notice. I later learned it was due to a malfunction in the seat or IFE system. Several seats seemed effected and broken. The boarding process was disorganized which is unusual for this airline."

ايجابيات: "appetizers excellent"
سلبيات: "steak was overdone."

سلبيات: "Bad seating dirty"

سلبيات: "Our name wasn’t on the plane first ! After a while our names showed up than the plane left 25 minutes earlier and we were stuck in the airport and no one try to help they just informed us after 4 hours that we need to pay 600$ penalty!"

ايجابيات: "Entertainment was good."
سلبيات: "Seat was moved into a middle seat. I was very uncomfortable for the flight. Crew member granted someone else seat change before mine and i asked first. Very upsetting flight."

سلبيات: "Connection flight from plane to the gate,seats need to be updated"

ايجابيات: "Everything."
سلبيات: "Nothing."

ايجابيات: "The service, generosity of the crew, the food and the comfort in the cabin ,actually everything in this flight was 5 stars."

ايجابيات: "The crew was extremely friendly. Main course had a variety and the prawns were especially good."
سلبيات: "No inflight entertainment even for business class passengers."

ايجابيات: "Like the personalized service and the extend that the crew spends time serving each meal."
سلبيات: "The first drink service after offering juice/water needs to be better. They put up bottles but do not go to customers checking for drinks. Due to delay in takeoff we were sitting on tarmac for 40 mins. I saw people being served but several people did not. Should make the process more formal. Also serving nuts or pretzels to go with the first drink would be nice."

ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Unconfoetable seat for business class. No priority for boarding in business clas. Old plane."

ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "1. Flight late from Berlin to Istanbul. 2. That's mean missing my next flight from Istanbul to Riyadh. 3. I add extra baggage in TKL Airport : my original bag is 23 kg I have until 32kg, The extra baggage was 20kg, So I pay 247 Euro each extra kg 19 Euro. 4. In Istanbul airport they said your next flight tomorrow at 20pm. 5. I have important meeting in morning and my jop in the evening. 6. They changed my teket from turkish airline to Saudi airline 4.00pm, That's mean no different. 7. I ask about my baggage in turkish airline deck they said don't worry every thing will be okay. 8. I ask for hotel they said you have to make visa cost 60 dollars and you know I have to pay taxi and Chang money... Pla Pla, Actually this is not respecting and very bad organization. 9. I didn't make visa and stay from that time until 3.pm in primum lungs. 10. I went to Saudi airline deck to take my boarding. 11. They said you have extra baggage, I explain them that I payed already to turkish airline. 12. They said you have to go back to turkish airline deck about this extra kg's. 13. I did going back to them they said we cannot do anything, leave one bag here and we send the other one later. Actually this stupid airline and this stupid employee's dealing with me like a stupid, all my time I walk every where in that stupid airport, they just gives me orders and I have to follow like it was my mistake. 14. I showed my alfursan membership to Saudi airline deck and they helped me. 15. When I arrived to Riyadh my baggage wasn't there, this is mean that this stupid turkish people that the have to work on barbcue and haircut, but airports jop needs professional people. That's was my first and last flight with them."

ايجابيات: "The food and the attention from part of the crew were beyond excellent."
سلبيات: "The long wait at the gate to board."

ايجابيات: "Never fly again"
سلبيات: "Nothing"

سلبيات: "It was a struggle to get our hotel from the turkish hotel desk crew. We were travelling from Cape Town to Toronto with a little baby and had a layover of approx 10 hours at Istanbul. They claimed that our layover was 9 hr 40 mins (and not 10 hours) and I had to argue before we finally got a transit hotel. Their customer service is poor."

ايجابيات: "Convenient. Good price."
سلبيات: "The flight from Istanbul to Alexandria showed departure time 1:30 am, but in reality, it departed at 12:30 am. It wasn't a problem for me but it was confusing."

سلبيات: "Customer service"

ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "My mother is terminal, as in, she's DYING. So she was having a momentous flare up and we were running a little late. NOWHERE we were told we had to be at check in prior to an hour before the flight. Made it there 6 minutes after that "hour" check mark and were unable to make the flight. Tried to rebook and was told to pay the $800 per ticket that we already paid. Who has that kind of money? Guess I'll see if she can settle for sea world or the damn beach instead of Egypt like she wanted to. Thanks for nothing. For absolutely nothing."

ايجابيات: "The crew was friendly and professional. The food was good. Entertainment was good. The 10hr flight was over so quickly."
سلبيات: "They didn't come to pick up trash very often."

ايجابيات: "Service, hospitality, free internet movies food unlimited sandwich and cake, usb charging, clean restroom"

ايجابيات: "Not enought time for transit between two flights"
سلبيات: "Two out of three sutecases did not arrive."

ايجابيات: "Comfort, food, staff, everything"

ايجابيات: "Good food and service"

ايجابيات: "The courtesy to all the passengers was great"
سلبيات: "14 hours on the flight that's pretty much it you can't help that from the distance I had to go"

ايجابيات: "The seats were okay and entertainment was okay. But other than that -"
سلبيات: "Don't sit in row 27. You will be the last people on the plane served...unfortunately that means that the row behind gets food about 45 min before you do. And overall - it took about 4 hours to get our first meal."

ايجابيات: "Great : food. Entertainment , service . Check in, laguage accommodation."
سلبيات: "In All my flights with them it is Sssoooo hot!!! They save on A/C??? I asked to cool the cabine - they did for 15 min and back to heat again . Managing seat assignment is impossible if you book through a website other than theirs . They don't have an "economy comfort " option"

ايجابيات: "The flight and in-flight services were good."
سلبيات: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours with minimum information and no apology. We missed our connecting flight and the ground staff in Istanbul was not very helpful. The people at the so called Welcome center/care point were fownright rude."

ايجابيات: "Comfortable plane Good food Excellent entertainment options Friendly service"
سلبيات: "Turkish flights always seem to be late in boarding"

سلبيات: "I wa in the restroom and the attendant opened the door on my while I"

ايجابيات: "even waiting time was long but i do appreciate all the effort submitted by the airline"
سلبيات: "may be the free shop the turkish items was not to the same level as in local market"

ايجابيات: "Decent food & entertainment but that doesn't change the fact that my flight didn't actually go to my destination, which is the purpose of booking a flight after all, no?"
سلبيات: "Rerouted us to Adana without warning. No help in rebooking flights. No instructions as to what we were supposed to do. Had to stand in several very long lines - incredibly disorganized. Lost an entire day of my trip."

ايجابيات: "Seat comfortable good leg space"
سلبيات: "Food quality and selection of items and taste"

ايجابيات: "Very Nice"

ايجابيات: "The Crew!!!"

ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "The service is slow and bad. Very unaccomodating from the first person at the airline desk at the airport tonthe hosts on the plain."

ايجابيات: "Everything."

ايجابيات: "Crew was courteous and helpful. In flight entertainment was great, wide selection of movies and games to keep people occupied."
سلبيات: "Seats can be bit squeezy and uncomfortable, wifi onboard only for business class. Food need to have more variety."

ايجابيات: "Plane was clean. Good food, nice details. Nice variety of entertainment."
سلبيات: "Entertainment system stopped working with about 2.5 hours left in flight."

ايجابيات: "The age of the plane and the crew."
سلبيات: "Pre boarding took longer than what it should be"

ايجابيات: "The food, the crew the service and the confort."

ايجابيات: "Up to date movies!"
سلبيات: "Crew need to smile a bit."

ايجابيات: "In general I like all the comfort that offers Turkis Airlines to their customers."
سلبيات: "There are some employees there are not so kind. When ever a customer request for assistance."

ايجابيات: "Food and service was great. Got a bit sick on plane and staff was very helpful until I was better."
سلبيات: "nothing"

ايجابيات: "Turkish Delight, food, seating that had leg room for my husbands long legs (we arranged our seats well in advance of the flight) ."
سلبيات: "Was hot before taking off then had cold air blowing directly on my neck. For most of the trip it was comfortable."

سلبيات: "Changed boarding gate 3 times and then put us in a crowded stand up room only 10 minute shuttle to the plane where we then had to climb steep stairs with carry on luggage to enter the 777."

سلبيات: "The seats were a little smaller than the usual airlines I take."

سلبيات: "They won’t allow me to fly"

ايجابيات: "We left on time, flight was smooth!"
سلبيات: "No problems, everything was fine."

ايجابيات: "Flight crew was very friendly and helpful."
سلبيات: "Boarding process quite chaotic."

ايجابيات: "Loved the available movie collection, as well as the food and the experience overall."

ايجابيات: "Crew were nice, hygiene"
سلبيات: "We should have alcohol."

ايجابيات: "On time"
سلبيات: "Send notifications"

ايجابيات: "On time"
سلبيات: "Send notifications"

ايجابيات: "Professionalisms of Crew"
سلبيات: "N/A"

سلبيات: "The Business Class lounge was OK, but we were through late at night and there was very little hospitality offered"

سلبيات: "Food wasn’t that good and there could have been better entertainment options (more movies, TV shows). Internet was terrible."

ايجابيات: "The crew was good but the seats werenot comfortable. Almost all passengers were coming from Al-Haj. They were so sick and coughing vigourously all the time."
سلبيات: "When we book the flight we should be informed that it is mainly for Al-Haj people. At Cairo airport they should check them to know the reason for this cough and people who were not in Haj can be seated in a separate section in the plane to avoid infection."

سلبيات: "The food could improve and for overnight flights, it would be nice if they could provide blankets. I took 4 flights 2 of them were delayed ."

ايجابيات: "Lenient on the luggage allowance but human relations need to"
سلبيات: "Everything"

ايجابيات: "Very good pilot with landing and takeoff. Crew was ok. Was surprised about the food considering the short trip. Also, they revive silverware for economy class, so that’s definitely a plus"
سلبيات: "The airplane was a little dirty or outdated shal I say. Entertainment is almost nonexistent."

سلبيات: "Boarding proceed to improve"

ايجابيات: "Sericve level on the plane and staff attitude and addition new brand plane 787"
سلبيات: "Departure on time"

ايجابيات: "Airplane crew were frendly and helpful."
سلبيات: "I hope to all aircrafts to think wisely about my opinion. Please let economic passenger go in to reach their seats from back to head, late let the business passengers enter to reach their seats to avoid bags traffic above each passenger seat. Thank you."

ايجابيات: "Crews was excellent"

ايجابيات: "The food was really great, and the crew was so helpful"

ايجابيات: "Yes"

سلبيات: "The seat reclined flat for comfort."

سلبيات: "trip was very short however the crew was so nice and cooperative."

ايجابيات: "Check in and boarding was quick & nice The pilot was so professional couldn’t feel take off & landing The host serving the food in this economy section was so polite & helpful"
سلبيات: "The plane is old style no tv screen in the chairs The Entertainement was so poor & boaring for 11 hours flight! One host crew member (maybe Joe) was changing his shirt in the food area that passengers could see him with his undershirt!"

ايجابيات: "It was ok"
سلبيات: "It was ok"

سلبيات: "I didn’t like that the food and the service and the chairs the floor is not clean actually that was bad flying flying"

ايجابيات: "Food"
سلبيات: "Cabin Crew are not helpful, less smiling when serving. Captain did not give information during flight."

ايجابيات: "The flight is on time"
سلبيات: "their food is very nasty"

ايجابيات: "No problems getting here, we’ll organised and friendly staff"

ايجابيات: "Comfortable flight, good food"
سلبيات: "Delays in boarding, unorganized, some grumpy staff"

ايجابيات: "The check in person was extremely nice and helpful. The flight attendant was very helpful and was far beyond our expectations."
سلبيات: "The movie selection didn't have many classic movies."

ايجابيات: "I visit it before I like this country"
سلبيات: "Traffic"

ايجابيات: "no food no entertainment"

ايجابيات: "we should get our laguage from borg al arab and recheck it back to cairo we waited for one and half hour and we were about to loose the next flight to cairo and again rechecked and the carryon they asked us to send it by plane for safety i mean it was very messy and stressful"
سلبيات: "why for transit we should pick up our bags and recollect it again why not like all other airways to automatic transfereand we get our lagugae at final distrnstion"

ايجابيات: "There was nothing special about this flight"
سلبيات: "The plane was old and not very clean. No personal tv for a 5+ hour international flight. baggage took almost 1 hour after landing. Overall I’m not impressed at all and have flown on much better airlines."

ايجابيات: "The Pilots professionalism, frequent updates. The attention given to the passengers, especially mother's and babies."
سلبيات: "Ground staff arbitrarily decided whose carryon luggage they should take because the flight was full and loading over head compartments do take up time and might cause delay. I would like to suggest that an announcement be made and ask passengers to volunteer their carryon to be loaded with other luggage..."

ايجابيات: "The timing is so accurate as well they were so fast getting everything done."
سلبيات: "Most of the crew are really professional but few were little bit aggressive."

ايجابيات: "The flight attendant who was in charge of my zone. I occupied seat number 19c business class."
سلبيات: "Late departure"

سلبيات: "the cancellation of my return flight right after we boarded the flight. Had to change the return date without compensation from the airline for the hotel and food during the extra days they forced us to stay. we then had to push the return flight forward, trying to find a direct flight and good timing."

سلبيات: "Everyone was courteous. And considerate. Like me!"

ايجابيات: "Nothing"
سلبيات: "Delay 2 hours"

ايجابيات: "The crew and ground service is excellent."
سلبيات: "Bad seats, poor selection of drinks, mediocre food."

ايجابيات: "The direct flight non stop Price"
سلبيات: "Not the greatest of comfortable seat - needs flat beds similar to Oman Air. Plane a little tired but very smooth landing In seat power didn't work"

سلبيات: "Lots of security checks with no solid standards"

سلبيات: "There is long delay fo 4 hours. In first flight from Cairo to madina air condition not worked correctly"

ايجابيات: "Great professional and fast"
سلبيات: "Couldnt take my camera in the hand bag which is unreasonable."

ايجابيات: "Crew were lovely. Boarding was on time and efficient. The flight was not crowded."
سلبيات: "Food was fairly ordinary."

ايجابيات: "I liked everything about the experience on the actual flight from Cairo to New York. Staff was great, food was great (two meals), drink options were great from juices, sodas, water, tea, coffee all great. the entertainment was awesome with so many movie/tv show options. and you can always get up and ask for a beverage if you were still thirsty, and plenty of toilets on the plane so rarely a line greater than 1 person."
سلبيات: "They seemed to run out of chicken as the dinner meal, when they got to my the flight to Cairo from NY they also ran out of chicken, the person next to me got the last one, the same thing happened to me on the way to NY, the person next to me got the last chicken, i was kind of upset but the other option of beef was still good."

ايجابيات: "For a short hour flight, i say it was just fine, not really enough time for a movie or anything so it makes sense not to have a TV with every seat, and it is no big deal. i slept the whole way and didnt even realize we took off or landed. could be more comfortable but again i was able to sleep the whole way without a problem"
سلبيات: "N/A"

سلبيات: "Old entertainment system, otherwise, everything else was fine"

ايجابيات: "In-seat entertainment; very little turbulence experienced"
سلبيات: "Delayed take-off by more than half an hour"

اقرأ المزيد حول Turkish Airlines
معلومات فيروس كورونا المستجد COVID-19

إجراءات السلامة الخاصة بشركات الطيران التي تنطلق من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

أصدرت الخطوط الجوية المنطلقة من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية تدابير سلامة إضافية وقامت بتعديل السياسات لاستيعاب المسافرين بشكل أفضل. تختلف السياسات باختلاف شركة الطيران.

مستوى تعقيم مرتفع

التنظيف بشكل يومي ويتم تركيب فلاتر HEPA في المقصورة على الرحلات الجوية من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

أقنعة واقية للوجه إلزامية

الأقنعة مطلوبة على متن الطائرة ويتم توفيرها في الرحلات الجوية المتوجهة من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

مقاعد التباعد الاجتماعي

المقاعد الوسطى غير متوفرة للحجز على الرحلات الجوية من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

الفحص قبل رحلة الطيران

اختبار الأجسام المضادة واختبار الأعراض للرحلات الجوية من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

احجز رحلات رخيصة من المدينة المنورة إلى الإسكندرية

صفقات حديثة لرحلات ذهاب وعودة

توقف واحد
Turkish Airlines
7 س 45 د
توقف واحد
Turkish Airlines
13 س 55 د
توقف واحد
Egypt Air
6 س 46 د
توقف واحد
Egypt Air
11 س 00 د

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